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Limoncello 2010 started, originally uploaded by dewelch.

Just started my batch of Limoncello for this year. I decided to only make a half batch this year, as it makes so much. I can always start another batch later if I decide I need more.(SMILE)

Costco had Meyer Lemons today, that special extra fruity, less acidic variety of lemons, so I decided to give them a try.

Making Limoncello, or any infused liqueur is so simple. Basically, you soak your flavorful ingredient in pure grain alcohol or 100 proof vodka for about 2 weeks. Then you strain out the flavoring and combine the result with an equal part of simple sugar syrup. (1 part sugar to 1 part water and then boiled to dissolve the sugar)

I prefer pure grain alcohol, like Everclear, as I think it does a better job of extracting the flavor components from the lemon. Since it is combined with the simple syrup later, I don’t find it to be any more harsh the using vodka. It is, however, highly flammable, so take care when mixing up the batch and storing it while it macerates.

I have plans to try my hand at making pistachio liqueur and also vanilla extract using the same methods at some time in the future, too.

Under the Tuscan Gun“, a fun foodie podcast has a video and complete recipe for Limoncello. I will refer you there for more information.


  1. TriumphCIO

    I’ve made Limoncello saveral times – I’ve got a batch “brewing” now, in fact. My mom actually loves my version, so I always give her a portion each year. I’ve always made it with vodka, and I let it macerate 40 days, add simple syrup, then macerate another 40 days before draining (my Sicilian grandmother’s recipe).

    Last year I made Orangcello, with oranges. It was good but my wife thought it reminded her too much of cough syrup, so I won’t be making that flavor again.

  2. I have made orange in the past, before I started making limoncello. My wife is Sicilian, so it sort of started with our visits to the family there. We are going again in Late July. I also got my first pistachio there. I love that and I am trying to make some myself right now.

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