Moving from Feedburner to local RSS feed

Please be aware that I am moving away from Feedburner over the next couple of weeks for all of my blogs and podcasts.


Since being purchased by Google, Feedburner has had regular, on-going issues with their service and little to no recourse for support when things so wrong. Moving to a locally controlled feed gives me much more control over the feed. I am using Blubrry Powerpress as the WordPress plugin to provide this new local feed.

Through a series of re-directs, I hope to migrate nearly all of my current subscribers over to this new local feed.

That said, if you don’t see updates from My Word with Douglas E. Welch over the next week or so, please resubscribe to the new feeds manually.

New My Word RSS Feeds

New RSS Feed: (All blog items)

New Podcast Feed: (Only contains podcast items)

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