Questions I answered today…

I get a lot of questions every day and here is a selection.

  • Using the Solo and Mute buttons in Audacity to ensure that MP3s export correctly
  • How to change where various domain names point in order to host a variety of sites
  • How to change the post date on a WordPress post
  • Address information for CareerCampLA
  • How to change the ink cartridges and print envelopes on an Epson Workforce 610 printer

  • Changing which Twitter account links to your Facebook account in order to update your Facebook status
  • How to delete items from the Firefox Bookmarks Menu
  • Troubleshooting Mac keyboard USB problems
  • Which version of SmartFTP to buy for a podcasting client
  • How to change the Admin of a Facebook Fan Page
  • Scheduling the next LA Friday Coffee [Info]
  • AV and Internet setup for my UCLA Extension guest speaking stint on March 11
  • How to record a double-ender/tape sync interview using Skype
  • What is Google Wave

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