“At the end of the day…” – February 10, 2010

A rough day here in my world.

I am under the weather and I faced a couple of issues with clients and business as I tried to recover from coughing fits. That said, the troubles of the day led to a topic for my next Career Opportunities column and podcast, so there a small amount of productivity was still accomplished. Still, it left me a bit wrung out, as life complications can often do. I tend to carry around burdens much longer than necessary.

A “Buzz” at Google

I played around a bit with the new Google Buzz system, announced just yesterday. Just like when I started using Twitter, it will take some time before I can see exactly how it fits into my workflow. One benefit is that it has allowed a lot more people to easily follow my Google Shared Items, where I note interesting blog posts and other info I come across in my daily reading. This benefit alone is worth checking out Buzz. In fact, I give a quick try to almost any new service that shows up, just to see what it offers and how I can make use of it. I certainly don’t use every service. In fact, most don’t call for more than a cursory glance, but you never know where that next Twitter may come from.


I was also working hard today to set up a Jumpstart Session for Online Video Streaming 101. I have a lot of people ask me about live streaming — performing musicians, writers giving book readings, people hosting events. I try to convey to them how easy it is to get started, but sometimes hands-on, personal instruction is the only way to Jumpstart their use of it. I am also looking at Jumpstart sessions on WordPress.com, Blogging in general, video editing with Final Cut Express and iMovie and audio recording and podcast production. Check out the Jumpstart page for more info.

That’s it for today. I am settling into my easy chair, reading Harry Potter and Deadly Hallows again and contemplating what I need to/will accomplish tomorrow. There is so much to do, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to find my next project.

I will be producing more video versions of “At the end of the day…” in the future, but I only had the energy to put out this text version today.

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