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Flowering Now: Brunfelsia (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow) via Instagram

What is your favorite flower color? Leave a comment and share! Brunfelsia (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow) More blooms this week with these brunfelsia. These were on the property when we bought it 23 years ago and I loved them so much I planted 2 more last year in a different area.  Each bloom progresses from blue […]

Flowering Now: Daffodils 2019 via Instagram

What is your favorite sign of Spring? Leave a comment and share! This year’s normal rainfall has made everything jump in the garden, including the weeds, and these daffodils look amazing. They are always a great harbinger of Spring even if they do mean hotter weather is coming.   and Follow Don’t miss a single post! Sign […]

Flowering Now: Clivia Blooms in the Garden via Instagram

What is your favorite flower? Leave a comment and share! I bought these clivia on discount last Fall and now they are blooming in the garden. I am sure the large amount of rain we received has helped but it great to have some color in this shady part of the garden.   and Follow Don’t miss […]

White Orchids via Instagram

What is your favorite orchid? Leave a comment and share! White Orchids Orchids used to be exceedingly rare but now you can buy gorgeous ones at almost any grocery store. Knudsen and Wimber discovered the secrets of orchid growing and cloning and made these incredibly beautiful, of strange looking, plants available to everyone.  Learn more  and […]

Mums The Word via Instagram

What is your favorite mum? Leave a comment and share! Mums The Word A sea of mums at the local nursery. They had some smaller varieties on sale a few months ago and I have purple and gold varieties there. More signs of Spring.   and Follow Don’t miss a single post! Sign up for the Gardener’s […]

A Poppy Blooms via Instagram

What is your favorite poppy? Leave a comment and share! A Poppy Blooms Simple, delicate, and yet vibrant, this oriental poppy blooms during a recent trip to the nursery.  Spring has already arrived here in Los Angeles and I am seeing blooms in gardens, too, not just in the nurseries.  Our heavy winter rains are causing everything, […]

Ranunculus Flowers via Instagram

What is your favorite ranunculus? Leave a comment and share! Ranunculus Flowers More blooms spotted at the local @armstronggarden. I have thought about adding these bulbs to the garden over the years but somehow never found a color I liked enough.  This happens often. I see a plant I like but can’t figure out how, or where, to […]

Bonsai via Instagram

What do you think about bonsai? Leave a comment and share! Bonsai A small, simple bonsai spotted @armstronggarden near me. I am always amazed at the delicate, miniature representations of bonsai, even if I don’t think I could ever develop the skill or patience necessary to create my own. I can always appreciate them, though. 😀… and the hard […]

Camellia Bloom via Instagram

What is your favorite color of flower? Leave a comment and share! Camellia Bloom While they only bloom for a short period of time each year, Camellia certainly carry a large flower bang for your gardening buck. There are so many different varieties, flower forms and colors that nearly any gardener can find a camellia they […]

Garden Decor: Cute Recycled Metal Sunflower

What is your favorite garden decor? Share your thoughts in the comments! Garden Decor: Cute Recycled Metal Sunflower Always one to reduce, reuse, recycle myself, I was happy to find this gem at the local @armstronggarden a few days ago. I think this had just the right amount of cute and kitsch for my own garden without falling […]