Flowers on the table

Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at friends, originally uploaded by dewelch.

From last night’s Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at friends

I Like This – October 1, 2010

    A collection of career items I found interesting this week.

  • A Hidden Oasis in Little Tokyo – October 1, 2010 – This looks like a nice place to visit. I wish I had know about it when I was downtown for jury duty. I think I will meet up with my friends Liam and Rachel who live near downtown and visit and then grab a bowl of ramen in nearby Little Tokyo.

Video: Repairing a damaged soaker hose

After some animal gnawed a large hole in one of my soaker hoses, I fixed it — on the cheap. This same method works for typical garden hoses, too.

** This video was shot using the iPhone 4 as a test of its capabilities.

Bag O’ Daffodils

Bag O’Daffodils, originally uploaded by dewelch.

i must admit, I was tempted by these yesterday when I was at the hardware store. I have a lovely collection of naturalized daffodils in the garden, but this would take it to a whole new level!”

I also can’t quite imagine planting all of these. I would have to do it a few at a time, I think.

Still they would look very pretty in a few months…..hmmmmm.

I Like This – September 9, 2010

    A collection of career items I found interesting this week.

  • Five favorite Pacific Northwest blogs – September 7, 2010 – I am always on the lookout for new blog to add to my daily reading mix and here are here are several around my favorite topics – gardening, food and art. I’ll be adding them into the mix presently.

I Like This – September 2, 2010

Elsewhere Online: Gutter Gardens

Link: Gutter Gardens

Gutter Gardens

I am always looking for great ideas for the garden and this one showed up in my RSS feeds a few days ago. What a great way of making use of those small, yet sunny, area of the garden. I even have an unused piece of gutter lying around that I just might put to use. Ideas like this give even apartment dwellers some interesting possibilities. Not everyone needs to have an expansive, 1/2 acre garden to grow some of their own food or flowers.

Originally found on DigginFood via Gutter Gardens.

I Like This – August 26, 2010

I Like This – August 10, 2010

  • Vise-Grip Locking Wrench – August 10, 2010 – These look really good. As the owner of a 1943 home, I often find bolts that have been in place, waaaaaaay to long. These pliers would go a long way to help move forward on some projects.

I Like This – August 3, 2010