I Like This – August 26, 2010

I Like This – August 10, 2010

  • Vise-Grip Locking Wrench – August 10, 2010 – These look really good. As the owner of a 1943 home, I often find bolts that have been in place, waaaaaaay to long. These pliers would go a long way to help move forward on some projects.

I Like This – August 3, 2010

Video: Harvesting Lavender

A short video taken while harvesting some lavender in the garden today. I haven’t harvested these plants before, so they became very woody. I cut them back hard and will do a better job harvesting to try to keep them more green and herbaceous instead of letting them get woody again.


Download “Lavender Harvest – A Gardener’s Notebook” – iPod Ready video

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I Like This – July 27, 2010

Abbey Green, Bath, UK

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In the midst of the daytime hustle and bustle of Bath, just a few steps from Bath Abbey and its busy square, lies Abbey Green, overarched by this large tree. It was a cool and quite respite in the city, and would be well duplicated in any garden. It is a lovely open, yet enclosed space that remains cool in the summer and provides a quiet place to sit and ponder

Photo Contest from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries is continuing their photo contests started last month. “For the remaining photo contests, the companies have decided to raise the stakes, giving away two $100 Gift Certificates for each contest; one for each brand.”

You need to be a fan of the Gurney’s or Spring Hill Nurseries Facebook page to enter the contest.

Here are the upcoming topics and closing dates:


Topic: Rainy Day Photos
Dates: August 9th, 2010 – August 16th, 2010


Topic: Kids in the Garden
Dates: September 6th, 2010 – September 13th, 2010


Topic: Pumpkin Carvings
Dates: October 18th, 2010 – October 27th, 2010


Topic: Birds of a Feather (Bird Photos)
Dates: November 15th, 2010 – November 22nd, 2010


Topic: Christmas Decorations
Dates: December 8th, 2010 – December 15th, 2010


Topic: Winter Wonderland
Dates: January 10th, 2011 – January 17th, 2011

I Like This – July 20, 2010

Elsewhere Online: Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall

I repurposed a large mirror from a bathroom remodeling project years ago, but the unique shape of this mirror takes the concept of garden expansion to an entirely different level.

Negative Space Garden MIrror Expands the View

MAKE: Blog via Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall.

Daisies at Disney Hall

Daisie at Disney Hall, originally uploaded by dewelch.

While strolling around before a concert last night, I found this lovely patch of daisies in the garden of the Disney Hall in downtown LA.