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Photo: A rainy day in the garden…

A few photos from an infrequently seen rainy day here in Southern California. Click to view individual pictures full size on Flickr Read more on this topic: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2010 Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for March 2010 Photo: Oaks, acorns and an unidentified spider that needs a name Photo: Gardenias and […]

Project: Roof cleaning for the Fall and Winter

If you have a lot of mature trees on your property like we do, you will be faced with this project once or twice a year. In our case, we sometimes fall down on the job and don’t get to it when we should. This year, though, I see Fall approaching rapidly even here in […]

Video: Garden Breeze from Viddy iPhone app

Watch Garden Breeze on YouTube Read more on this topic: Video: In the garden from Viddy iPhone app Video: Grass: A Short Essay Video: Activity of local wild bee hive Video: Watering seedlings made easy

Too much rain at one time!

I usually like rain for the garden but 12 hours+ of heavy, heavy rain is enough. There is still more on the way, too, including what looks like a nasty band of the heaviest rain yet today. I I had rain barrels I can guarantee that they would all be full now. Wow! Read more […]

Possible Frost in Van Nuys tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory overnight for our area of the San Fernando Valley. I already see temperatures dipping into the upper 30’s, although I still show 41° here in my garden at the moment. (11:11pm) Several years ago we had some fairly severe damage after several nights of freezing temperatures. […]

Tip: Let the rain dampen your composter

From the gardenersnotebk Twitter account: A reminder to me by way of a reminder to you. 🙂 – Pop the top on your composter when it rains to give it a good soaking and keep it perking. If you use an enclosed composter like I do, the next time rain is forecast, pop the top […]