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2012 Gift Guide: DollarSeed.com – One Stop Seed Shop

DollarSeed.com – One Stop Seed Shop DollarSeed.com owner, David Moffitt, is another regular on the weekly #gardenchat and knows quite a bit about seeds, starting, planting and harvesting. I love to highlight small, independent businesses where I find them, so I hope that you will  check out DollarSeed.com. All packs of seed are $1 ($5 for […]

Photo: Carrots emerging

We trying out a method of planting small bunches of carrots in deep vertical containers. We don’t really have a good ground plot for carrots, so this container allows us to have decent, soft soil and move it around to get the best sunlight. Right on cue, the seedlings emerged about 2 days ago. I’ll […]

Propagating Azaleas using Layering

My wife was doing some cleanup in the front azalea beds this morning and pruned a few branches so she could get the leaf litter underneath. When I happened upon her trimmings this afternoon I noticed that I just might be able to get some new plants from these trimmings. I don’t prune these azaleas […]

Propagating pittosporum

After 16 years in this house and garden, we have developed a quite a few empty areas in the garden beds. As the trees have matured, the garden has developed more and more shade, which has made it very difficult for some of the more sun-loving plants like our roses. These holes have been bothering […]