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Elsewhere: Tree branch coasters

I am going to keep my eyes open for the appropriately sized branches in my garden to make some of these for myself and my friends. I think I can fit some branches through my mini band saw or I could use the new electric chainsaw I receive from Troy-Bilt (review coming soon) to create […]

Photo: Limoncello Making: Day 10

Here is a shot of my Limoncello in progress after 10 days of steeping in grain alcohol. After another 4-5 days we will be ready to strain the lemon peels from the liquid and add a simple syrup to make the Limoncello itself. This will then sit for a couple of months to allow it […]

Elsewhere: Whimsical Garden Gate via Pinterest

I came across this on Pinterest today and it really struck me. There are many ways you could execute this, depending on your space and supplies. Sure to make an impact in your garden. Source: bhg.com via Amy on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Re-use: Futon frame as garden gate Elsewhere: Garden Tool Storage […]

Project: Wine bottle waterer

It is hard to call this a project at all, as there is nothing to build and no tools involved. I had seen this done in a number of places and there are even custom-made water globes that you can buy for large sums of money. Our heat wave continues apace today so I figured […]

Elsewhere: Farm Tiller stood upright and made into a fountain

I vaguely remember seeing this idea once before a long time ago. This would had been a great idea when I was back living on the farm as a child. It is a section of harrow blades (a farming implement we called a “disc”) turned up-right and fitted with a fountain pump. It certainly would […]

Video: Vegetables in Containers

In this project, we use vegetables in containers to make the most of the few, full sun, areas we have in the garden — chasing the sun, as it were. We found the large pots at a yard sale just 2 hours away. The original marked price was $7 each. We got them for $2 […]

Video: Make-Do Garden Fountain

A short video and description of a new garden fountain I assembled out of otherwise unused parts. Never be afraid to assemble garden elements from pieces that are sitting idle in your garden. It is almost like assembling a meal out of what you happen to have in your fridge on any given day. A […]

Elsewhere: Gorgeous Flower Mosaic

I came across this gorgeous mosaic on Pinterest last night. Unfortunately, any further info is hidden behind a login screen on a members only web site. Grrrr. Still, at least we can enjoy it and perhaps think about how we might accomplish something like this ourselves. Source: mosaicsandceramics.ning.com via Sheila on Pinterest Read more on […]

Elsewhere: DIY garden concrete stepping stones

A cool and easy-to-make idea for stepping stones in  your garden. I think this method could be adapted to a whole host of ideas, too. Source: timberpress.com via Douglas on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Project: DIY upside down tomato grower Photo: Slices of tree trunk as stepping stones in the garden Idea: Use […]

Idea: Use topsoil bag as your “first year” garden

I came across this idea on Pinterest and, I must say, as a lazy gardener, this could be an excellent way to turn parts of your lawn into garden with very little effort. Place the bags on the area of lawn you want to kill, slice them open and plant away. I would probably also […]