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Gift Guide 2013: Moleskeine Journals

Moleskeine Journals of all sorts No matter how much technology i have at hand, I always find myself falling back on my paper journal as a data gathering, thought-provoking and capturing, friend. Yes, I carry and iPhone, but there is something about writing things out longhand in a paper journal that makes you think more […]

Garden Budget: Supplies for July 2013

Back in March 2013 I decided to start spending a certain budget each month on improving the garden (~$100) and then blogging about it here on A Gardener’s Notebook. Of course, as often happens, I immediately got sidetracked and never made it back to the Garden Budget series I had hoped to start — until […]

Garden Decor: Alice’s Tea Party Sculpture

Alice’s Tea Party Sculpture A lovely statement for nearly any casual garden, this totem representing the Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland strikes a wonderful,, whimsical tone. Probably not something you could make yourself, but you might find some inspiration here. From Primitiva Pottery via Pinterest   More on garden totems: Garden totems on Pinterest […]

Garden Decor: The Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff

The Bird sNest Box by All Lovely Stuff I love attracting wildlife to my garden and if you are going to attract them, why not house them in style. The is a commercial product, but with a little ingenuity, you could probably make it yourself, too. If you have some terracotta pots hanging going spare, this […]

Event: 24th Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show – April 25-28

I just received notice of this year’s Southern California Spring Garden Show event and wanted to share that information with you. I really enjoyed visiting it with the family last year and will probably try to make it down again this year. Here is a slide show of photos from my 2012 visit.   Here […]

Garden Decor: Japanese Garden Water Fountain

Japanese Garden Water Fountain A lovely and heavily naturalized Japanese fountain. I love the way it fits in the garden and the contract between the dark stone and light-colored bamboo. There is another form of fountain that I also like called a “deer scare.” These fountains use the water to tip a piece of bamboo […]

Garden Decor: Acorn Wind Chime

Acorn Wind Chime I have always liked wind chimes in my garden and I have several there already. That said, this acorn wind chime caught my attention on Pinterest today. I like its simplicity and I can imagine the single clear tone it would create. I like the colors, as well. I have never been […]

Product: Daffodil Mug from A Gardener’s Notebook

Here is another pretty product from A Gardener’s Notebook. I am pleasantly surprised how nice my photos look on these mugs. I recently ordered one of each to have here at the home office. Daffodil Mug from A Gardener’s Notebook by douglasewelch Browse more products from A Gardener’s Notebook Read more on this topic: Support […]

Support the blog and podcast with A Gardener’s Notebook Mug

Add a little Gardener’s Notebook to your desktop with this mug available from Zazzle. This is just the first thought that came to mind, but I am going to be developing some further products with my best garden-related photos in the future. A Gardener’s Notebook Logo Mug by douglasewelch Design your own personal coffee mugs […]

2012 Gift Guide: Microwave-heated Plant Press

Microwave-heated Plant Press Kylee Baumlee over at Our Little Acre (and fellow Saturday6 members) posted this plant press to her own Gardening Gift Guide and it quickly reminded me of the one my son and I would use when he was very young. He loved to collect flowers from the garden and press them to preserve […]