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Pinterest: Great Design Plant: Paperbark Maple from Houzz.com

I love maple trees and this article from Houzz.com on using Paperbark Maple helped me to remember why. I only wish maples grew better here in Southern California. They need a cold period each year, though, to really thrive like they do back in my hometown in Ohio. Source: houzz.com via Douglas on Pinterest Read […]

Pinterest: Lovely wall-attached garden trellis with project instructions

I have been thinking more and more about vines and rambling roses lately, and a trellis like this could certainly be part of my plans. This pin from Sunset Magazine even has build instructions so you can make it yourself. Source: sunset.com via Jackie on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Elsewhere: Garden Seating integrated […]

Pinterest: Excellent cottage garden path

I would love to be able to build such a lush garden here in Los Angeles, but it seems the dry weather, and the number of mature trees I have, limits the possibilities. I love the way the plants and flowers spill over the path. It just makes it feel so exuberant. The rambling rose […]

Pinterest: Combine pallet wood, old table and a whole bunch of succulents into this living table

Step by step instructions on how they changed an old table in to a lovely tabletop succulent garden. It is always great to see unique re-use/recycle projects that create something beautiful for the home. In this case, the plants probably cost more than the reset of the structure, but the result is excellent, I can […]

Pinterest: A Organ Pipe Cactus Wall

Wow, what an elegant wall for a desert garden. This looks to be Organ Pipe Cactus (Lemaireocereus marinates) and a little research shows that it has often been used for natural fencing in the past. You can find more information through this Google Search on Organ Pipe Cactus. Like hedges in the UK, I love natural barriers for […]

Pinterest: Quite an elegant — and green — outdoor dining table

How about a living table for your outdoor dining, complete with a rivulet down the middle? This striking table caught my eye as I scrolled through my Pinterest feed the other day. It looks to be constructed of COR-TEN steel and would be a permanent structure wherever it were built. It would certainly be a […]

Video: What Douglas Dug…Show 006 – Gates, structures, walls and more!

Our sixth episode of What Douglas Dug…, our regular review show of neat gardening items I have found in my Internet travels. In this episode, Gates, structures, walls and more! Can’t see the video above? Watch “What Douglas Dug… Show 006” on YouTube  Watch all the past episodes on the “What Douglas Dug…” YouTube playlist Find links […]

Elsewhere: Terra Cotta Garden Bed Borders

You may have seen my past posts and videos about using wine bottles for garden borders. Here is another take on borders using terra cotta drainage tiles, set on end, to frame a garden border. One of the advantages, of course, is you can plant inside each tile as well as in the bed itself. […]

Elsewhere: Growing plant teepee

A lovely and unique element in your garden. There isn’t a lot of information on this beyond the photo, but I found it so striking that I wanted to pass it along to you. The top looks to be covered some sort of vine, while the lower parts look like containers hanging from the horizontal […]

Elsewhere: Pretty Garden Shed Idea

I came across this lovely “garden closet” on Pinterest the other day. It is certainly worth keeping this around for ideas when you are building your own garden shed. Source: familyhandyman.com via Douglas on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Idea: Use topsoil bag as your “first year” garden Photo: Oh to be so organized […]