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Interesting Plant: Echeveria ‘Lola’

Echeveria ‘Lola’ Discovered via Pinterest User Cheryl Northedge Echeveria ‘Lola’, possibly a hybrid of Echeveria lilacina, forms a sculpted rosette with a somewhat “rosebud” shape. Leaves are alabaster marble with a delicate blush of pinkish violet and tipped with rose. Rosette gives the impression of alabaster wax suffused with violet. Flowers are peach, bell-shaped and […]

Garden Decor: Scrabble Tile Garden Markers

Scrabble Tile Garden Markers Great use for old (or new) Scrabble tiles. They also come in smaller sizes in the portable editions so you could make smaller stakes for containers. Via Pinterest User Our Fairfield Home & Garden Previously in Garden Decor: Wonderful downspout area idea Lovely mirror in the garden Twig Screen via Salvage Savvy Sheet Metal Frog on Garden […]

Garden Decor: Wonderful downspout area idea

Wonderful downspout area idea A great idea to take your downspout drainage areas and them into another design elements in your garden. Via Pinterest User Terry Coblentz Previously in Garden Decor: Lovely mirror in the garden Twig Screen via Salvage Savvy Sheet Metal Frog on Garden Gate Fountain made from concrete leaves Stone walkway with river rock H Potter […]

Garden Decor: Lovely Mirror in the Garden

Lovely mirror in the garden I have a large mirror repurposed in a much more rustic way in my garden, but this formal arrangement is very lovely. It would take a bit of work and the right salvage pieces, but I think it could be recreated in your own garden. Mirrors help to expand small gardens by […]

Garden Decor: Twig Screen via Salvage Savvy

Twig Screen via Salvage Savvy An amazing bit of repurposing from garden or woodlot scraps. This twig screen is amazing complicated and interesting and would serve as a great wall hanging or backdrop either indoors or out. Lit from the front it could also create some wonderful shadows on the ground or a wall behind […]

Garden Decor: Fountain made from concrete leaves

Fountain made from concrete leaves I have posted about concrete leaves on A Gardener’s Notebook in the past (See Casting concrete leaves from/for the garden), but this fountain takes it to the next level. I knew I had to post this as soon as soon as I saw it. I am disappointed that I can’t […]

Garden Decor: Stone walkway with river rock

Stone walkway with river rock Japanese gardens and design have always fascinated me and this amazing pathway I discovered on Pinterest is a great example of the best of that craft. The stone, the moss and the other plantings seamlessly connect into a lovely whole that holds more impact than any of the elements would […]

Interesting Plant: Caladium bicolor ‘White Queen’

Caladium bicolor ‘White Queen’ Wow! This nearly whit caladium just knocks you back when you see it. I can easily imagine this as a focal point among a shady, green garden. It would attract everyone’s eye, I am sure.    Discovered via Tumblr User, Rita Thomas  A tuberous-rooted perennial most often grown as an annual […]

Garden Decor: Concrete Leaf Prints

Concrete Leaf Prints I would guess you could use this method with any plant that had significant size and detail, even ferns and such. You do need a DIY concrete release (like vegetable oil) or commercial concrete release agents to insure both the plant and the frame come clear of the concrete once it has hardened. See […]

Garden Decor: Stairway Garden

Stairway Garden If you have the space to make it safe, this stairway garden would look so nice. Containers allow you to swap things in and out as you wish and it takes great advantage of a typically unused space. Discovered via Pinterest User Beverly Cooper   ** a portion of each Amazon sales goes directly […]