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Interesting Plant: Passiflora (Passion flower)

Interesting Plant: Passiflora (Passion flower) Every time I pass a passiflora vine in the neighborhood I stop and stare. I am quite taken with the lovely, and to me, quite alien looking flowers. Their striking shapes and colors are unlike anything I see on a regular basis. I have grown 2 small vines here from seeds […]

Interesting Plant: Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus)

Interesting Plant: Anemone Discovered via Pinterest User, Growers Garden Stenocarpus sinuatus, known as the Firewheel Tree is an Australian rainforest tree in the Protea family. The range of natural distribution is in various rainforest types from the Nambucca River (30° S) in New South Wales to theAtherton Tableland (17° S) in tropical Queensland. However, Stenocarpus sinuatus is widely planted as an ornamental tree in other parts of Australia and in […]

Interesting Plant: Anemone

Interesting Plant: Anemone Discovered via Pinterest User, Gina Marino †☠Mystical Enchantments☠† Anemone /əˈnɛməniː/, is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae, native to thetemperate zones. It is closely related to Pulsatilla (‘Pasque flower’) and Hepatica; some botanists include both of these genera within Anemone. Anemone are perennials that have basal leaves with long leaf-stems that can be upright or prostrate. Leaves are simple or compound with lobed, […]

Interesting Plant: Allium Cowanii

Interesting Plant: Allium Cowanii Discovered via Pinterest User, Shirley Wilkerson   I have always found allium quite beautiful, and there is something about the color and shape of Allium cowanii that caught my eye especially. The flowers almost look like snowdrops/snowflake flowers grouped together on a larger stem. Maybe it is this similarity that makes me like […]

Interesting Plant: Symphyotrichum oblongifolius (Purple Aster)

Interesting Plant: Symphyotrichum oblongifolius (Purple Aster) Discovered via Pinterest User, Jennifer Coots I see these asters here in the neighborhood every year, although I don’t have any of my own. That said, it would fit the purple and gold theme in the front garden quite well. I love purple in almost all its shades, so it would […]

Interesting Plant: Hemerocallis ‘Derrick Cane’ (Daylily)

Interesting Plant: Hemerocallis ‘Derrick Cane’ (Daylily) Discovered via Pinterest User, Tams Christoph Another dark — almost black — flower. I don’t’ know what attracts me to these dark colors, but I do love them in almost any variety of plant. It may be because they are so striking in contrast to the sunlit garden and green foliage […]

Interesting Plant: Agastache ‘Aztec Rose’

Interesting Plant: Agastache ‘Aztec Rose’ Discovered via Pinterest User, Sage Gardening Coaching Lovely dark and striking colors, along with double-petaled blooms in this Rudbeckia. “Agastache (giant hyssop) is a genus of 9–12 species of aromatic flowering herbaceous perennial plants in the family Lamiaceae, native to eastern Asia (one species) and North America (the rest).[1] Most species are […]

Interesting Plant: Rudbeckia hirta Moreno

Interesting Plant: Rudbeckia hirta Moreno Discovered via Pinterest User, Rachel Ottenberg Lovely dark and striking colors, along with double-petaled blooms in this Rudbeckia. “Wonderful, free flowering dwarf Gloriosa Daisy with deep chocolate colored petals that radiate to bronze to orange to yellow at their tips. Rudbeckia Moreno has a very compact (12″) branching habit producing an abundance […]

Interesting Plant: Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Interesting Plant: Kalanchoe Tomentosa Discovered via Pinterest User, Zach Revense Lovely markings on the edge of these kalanchoe leaves. So much variety in succulents and nearly always something interest to see — and maybe even grow in your garden. “Thick, soft, furry leaves give Panda Plant its common name. Other names for this succulent plant are Pussy […]

Interesting Plant: Albuca namaquensis

Interesting Plant: Albuca namaquensis ** Shop all things gardening on Amazon.com ** Discovered via Pinterest User, Isabell Mac Interesting shapes always make for interesting plants, and this Albuca is no exception. These lovely curlicues would make a great accent plant in any pot or succulent planting. Find/ Buy Albuca namaquensis | eBay “Albuca is a genus of plants […]