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Recycle: Pallet trellis for vegetable garden climbers

I love to see folks reusing and recycling old materials and this pallet trellis looks to be as simple as they come. Attach some supports to the side and you have a trellis for growing cucumbers, squash and just about anything else that likes to climb. Source: earthlytenthomestead.wordpress.com via Douglas on Pinterest   Read more […]

Project: Steel pipe garden edging

You have probably seen my photos and videos of our wine bottle garden edging project. This photo shows a similar approach using an entirely different material. I am not sure where you would source enough of this pipe cheaply, but obviously this person did. One issue with using unique items for your garden edging is […]

DIY: PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter

Vertical growing, whether upside down (tomatoes) or right side up (the strawberries below) has been a big trend of late. The fact is though, vertical growing has long been a way to make the most of small space. Espalier is a way of pruning fruit trees to have them grow in a flat plane i.e. […]

Education: Southwest Yard and Garden Series – Season 1 from iTunes U

There is a host of great information available from universities and organizations around the world via iTunes U. Over the next several weeks, I will be highlighting some of the more interesting shows and classes that I find there. You can check out the entire catalog at the iTunes U information page ordirectly in iTunes. Southwest Yard […]

Project: One Board Birdhouse

I made a few of these with my son and they are a great project to do with kids or with any group. You could even make a fundraiser out of this where the kids build and then paint/augment the design. Due to its design you don’t really need any power tools at all, although […]

Elsewhere: 6 Steps for Planning Next Year’s Garden

Via Pinterest.com… Source: treehugger.com via Colleen on Pinterest I can always use good advice in planning my garden, especially as we are going to try and grow more veg this year. Read more on this topic: Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone […]


When Halloween finished up in October, I took the advice in this Pinterest post about growing pumpkins from your old jack-o-lanterns. Source: growinginprek.com via Douglas on Pinterest   The Christmas deer below stands on top of what was, only a few weeks ago, a large pine tree. It, and another on the property, were infected […]

Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone and date

I came across this site via a post on Pinterest.com — a great place to find new ideas. SproutRobot.com allows you to enter your zip code and then receive info on what can be planted now in your are and how to do it. Great way to get some timely reminders of what you could […]

Elsewhere: Video: TedTalks: A Garden in My Apartment

A great talk on a system to building a garden anywhere you have available space and light. Does it give you some thought? It sure does that for me. Check it out! and let me know what you think in the comments. Could you use this in your house or apartment? Would you try it […]

Recycle: Detergent Bottle Watering Can

Found on Pinterest.com… Convert a plastic detergent bottle into a serviceable watering can. Great way to recycle! Source: hawaiigardening.blogspot.com via Douglas on Pinterest     Read more on this topic: Video: Watering seedlings made easy Project: Bottle Garden Bed Edging Video: How-To: Wine bottle edging for your garden beds project Question: Would you use recycled […]