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Garden History: Tatham Garden

I originally grabbed this photo because it showed a lovely formal garden, but as I examined it more closely, I could see a lot that was wild about this picture, too. Yes, it has large lawns, stonework and a fountain, but looking at the edges it is also exuberant, with the beds threatening to spill […]

Garden History: Santa Barbara Mission, 2201 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara, California. (LOC)

Just 1.5 hours up the highway from us here in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara Mission gardens are as welcoming today as they were back in 1917 when this photo was taken. Described as the “Queen of the Missions”, Santa Barbara has been nearly destroyed several times in its long history. Earthquakes on 1812 and […]

Books on Hold: The Drunken Botanist : The plants that create the world’s great drinks

Books on Hold is a blog series dedicated to books I have seen in passing and requested from my local library. See more in the series at the end of this blog post. — Douglas The drunken botanist : the plants that create the world’s great drinks From Amazon.com… “Sake began with a grain of rice. […]

Garden History: Your victory garden counts more than ever!

It isn’t just during times of war that your Victory Garden counts. I wish that they had never gone out of style. Once food rationing finished and food was freely available again, most returned to there previous ways of life. Pity. Gardening brings so much more than just food. It can bring health, heart and […]

Garden History: Whitworth Gardens, Darley Dale, Derbyshire, England

There is always something so special in a patch of water in the garden. Be it a large lake, small pond or even just awarer garden in a whiskey barrel, the look and sound of water is as attractive to we humans as it is to native wildlife. The biggest suggestion for those wanting to […]

Garden History: John & Lizzie Wilson from Boston in Bradenton, Florida, 1951

A garden can grow wherever you wish. This scene of “Snowbirds” over-wintering in Florida shows just that. Humans have an innate sense of gardening and growing, even if it isn’t required for our survival any longer. Perhaps it harkens back to those days when raising your own food was critical to life itself, Maybe gardening […]

Garden History: Paris Exposition: gardens, Paris, France, 1900

When I came across this photo, it immediately reminded me of my one and only visit to the city in 2000. With a 2 1/2 year old boy in tow as we made our way from London, to Paris, to Rome and then to visit family in Sicily, parks were a big part of our […]

Garden History: Wisteria blooms in Davis Garden (Locust Valley, New York), 1930

Garden History draws on “The Commons” a collection of historical photos from institutions from around the world. According to Flickr: The Commons was launched on January 16 2008, when Flickr released our pilot project in partnership with The Library of Congress. Both Flickr and the Library were overwhelmed by the positive response to the project! […]

Photos: 9 Years Ago: Matilija Poppy at Theodore Payne Foundation of Wildflowers and Native Plants

Matilija Poppy (Romneya) at Theodore Payne Foundation of Wildflowers and Native Plants More information on Matilija Poppy: Matilija Poppy (Romneya) at Wikipedia The Dry Garden: Matilija poppies take the stage, showgirls of Southern California slopes from The Los Angeles Times Romneya coulteri, Matilija Poppy from La Pilitas Nursery Read more on this topic: Photo: Matilija Poppy at Theodore […]

Photo: Sunset New Western Garden Book, 4th Edition, 1979

I saw this at a client’s house and had to grab a quick shot. I actually thought it was even older, but 1979 still makes it over 30 years old. I bought what was the current edition(8th) when I purchased my house in 1996 and have used it a lot since. Sunset released a new […]