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In The Garden…Short: Strawberry Runners from A Gardener’s Notebook [Video] (1:28)

In The Garden…Short: Strawberry Runners from A Gardener’s Notebook  In this episode: A quick look at the strawberry runners and how I dealt with a few of them to make new plants.   Music: “Carefree” by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) Help Support A Gardener’ Notebook! Buy Garden and flower photography products available from http://DouglasEWelch.com/buy Use our Amazon Affiliate […]

Splurge on Spring with Monrovia – Edible Plant Selections for My Garden – Berries and Grapes – 2 in a series #GrowBeautifully #MonroviaPlants

Saturday was a day of accomplishment. Despite the unseasonable April showers here in the San Fernando Valley, my wife and I headed out to our local independent nursery to pick out our favorite edible Monrovia plants to add to the garden this spring — our own personal “Splurge on Spring”, you might say! Find your […]

A Gardener’s Notebook Partners with Monrovia Again to “Splurge On Spring!” – 1 in a series – #GrowBeautifully #MonroviaPlants

Just like last year, Monrovia has reached out to  A Gardener’s Notebook to participate in their Splurge On Spring campaign. See what I planted last Spring in this video. Monrovia offered me some credit at my local garden center (Find A Local Garden Center Here)  to select 2-3 plants from 3 different plant groups: Edibles […]

A Quick Visit to Arlington Garden, Pasadena, California

After visiting the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden last Thursday, we made the pleasant discovery of this community garden, Arlington Garden, located right next door. I hadn’t heard about it before our visit and we only had a short time to walk around, but I was able to take a few photos of the prolific blooms […]

Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener by Joseph Tychonievich: How to create Unique Vegetables and Flowers [Book]

Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener by Joseph TychonievichHow to create Unique Vegetables and Flowers I happened across this book in my prolific Internet reading, so I am unsure who to exactly credit for bringing it to my attention, but I am very glad they did. While I have always had an interest in plants […]

A Bee-Friendly Garden Can Be a Happy, Productive and Beautiful Garden for All [Book]

The Bee-Friendly Garden Design an abundant, flower-filled yard that nurtures bees and supports biodiversity by Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn The publisher provided a free review copy of this book, but the opinions here are my own. Bees — all sorts of bees — are much in the news these days and not just in […]

In The Garden: Garlic rising and pomegranate flowering [Photos]

Checking out the garden as I headed out to an event, I saw that the garlic I planted last week is starting to sprout — at least 2 small sprouts – and our new pomegranate tree is throwing off flowers like crazy. Perhaps I might get one pomegranate off it this year — it is […]

Gifts for the foodies and gardeners in your life! – Garden Bounty – Peppers by Douglas E. Welch

I took this photo a few weeks ago and it I think it looks amazing — even if I do say so myself! (LAUGH) I figured that it might make some great gifts for the foodies and gardeners in your lives, too! Check out these products that are available exclusively from A Gardener’s Notebook and […]

Recent Garden Photos from My Instagram

               More photos from Douglas E. Welch Read more on this topic: Photos: Paperwhites in the sun Photos: Volunteer melon from the container garden Photos: A neighbor’s front yard garden Photo: Strawberry Flower #garden #plant via Instagram Photos: In the neighborhood…March 9, 2015 – Van Nuys, California

Photo: Figs in the sun via Instagram

Figs in the sun #garden #fruit #plant #nature #naturelover #food via Instagram Follow me on Instagram Read more on this topic: Photo: Sunset on the grass – Get a variety of products with this photo at http://ift.tt/1MtvMiN #nofilter #grass #garden #nature #naturelover #outdoors #plant #beauty #sun #sunset #light via Instagram Photo: Nature Every Day – […]