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Gardens of LA – Greystone Manor

Now that Google Maps and Google Earth have such great satellite and aerial imagery, I am revisiting some posts that I made many years ago. I am dubbing this series, The Gardens of LA. Here I will highlight one of the many gardens that can be visited — or at least viewed — throughout our […]

“For the love of trees”‘ design garden at SoCal Spring Garden Show 2012

This photo is my impression of the “For the love of trees” design garden at the Southern California Spring Garden Show in Costa Mesa, California. This garden was created by Essence of the Tree: Trees for Gardens, Containers and Bonsai. Click for larger image Read more on this topic: SoCal Spring Garden Show Video: Spring […]

Interesting articles from Houzz.com – Grasses, ornamental trees and raised beds

 Recently from the Houzz.com newsletter… Build a Raised Bed to Elevate Your Garden A bounty of homegrown vegetables is easier than you think with a DIY raised garden bed to house just the right mix of soils     8 Ornamental Grasses for Coastal Gardens These hardy seashore plants evoke the ocean, sway in the […]

Project: Steel pipe garden edging

You have probably seen my photos and videos of our wine bottle garden edging project. This photo shows a similar approach using an entirely different material. I am not sure where you would source enough of this pipe cheaply, but obviously this person did. One issue with using unique items for your garden edging is […]

Elsewhere: DIY shade finder tool takes the tedium out of solar surveys

Nothing like applying a little science and technical ingenuity to make an onerus task easier and faster. I could see this being very useful to a gardener who is trying to site a new plot, tree or home plantings. I have toyed around with using video or time-lapse to accomplish this task, but this is […]

Elsewhere: Video: TedTalks: A Garden in My Apartment

A great talk on a system to building a garden anywhere you have available space and light. Does it give you some thought? It sure does that for me. Check it out! and let me know what you think in the comments. Could you use this in your house or apartment? Would you try it […]

Elsewhere: Teapot Garden Fountain/Waterfall

This looks like it would take a lot of work, but the impact of something like this in your garden is undeniable. I imagine the sound would be enjoyable, too. From greenwellies,tumblr.com and Pinterest user Robin Johnston Read more on this topic: DIY Recycle: Coffee Can bird feeder Recycle: Detergent Bottle Watering Can

Project: Bottle Garden Bed Edging

While I was out on a computer consulting call, my wife and son started in on this project. We had seen edging like this in the past and I also did some Google Image searches to see how others had used empty glass bottles in their garden.There are a variety of ways to do it, […]

Question: Would you use recycled wine bottle edging around your garden beds?

Click to answer on the AGN Facebook Page… Examples of wine bottle edging from Google Images Read more on this topic: Question: What are your garden planting plans this season? AGN is now on Facebook Abbey Green, Bath, UK

Project: Altoids Tin Mini Garden from Instructables

For those of you who simply can’t be without a little green space, no matter where you may be, here is a neat method of growing sprouts, or any small seeds, in an altoid tin. This could turn out to be a great kids project, too.   Altoids Tin Mini Garden Print PDFFavorite Facebook Twitter […]