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The leaf cleanup never ends!

My garden is filled with leaves. It only makes sense since it is totally surrounded by mature trees of many varieties. Even more, the deciduous trees drop their leaves only to start a completely new set almost immediately. Even worse, I really don’t like cleaning up leaves. Oh woe is me! (LAUGH)   Today, though, […]

Don’t dump that Christmas Tree!

This post from LAist.com, How To Trash Your Tree reminded me that I hadn’t made plans to gather up Christmas Trees this year. Here in LA we usually end up with dozens of Christmas trees simply thrown out on lawns and dumped in empty lots. Despite info like this, a lot of people still take […]

Tip: Let the rain dampen your composter

From the gardenersnotebk Twitter account: A reminder to me by way of a reminder to you. 🙂 – Pop the top on your composter when it rains to give it a good soaking and keep it perking. If you use an enclosed composter like I do, the next time rain is forecast, pop the top […]