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A Bee-Friendly Garden Can Be a Happy, Productive and Beautiful Garden for All [Book]

The Bee-Friendly Garden Design an abundant, flower-filled yard that nurtures bees and supports biodiversity by Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn The publisher provided a free review copy of this book, but the opinions here are my own. Bees — all sorts of bees — are much in the news these days and not just in […]

Book: A Wilder Life by Celestine Maddy with Abbye Churchill

A Wilder Life by Celestine Maddy with Abbye Churchill Artisan, A Division of Workman Publishing Company, Inc. Every book, no matter what the genre, is always a unique representation of its author and A Wilder Life seems to delve into all the interests of author, Celestine Maddy and reveals a wide and varied landscape of […]

Reading Now: The Bee-Friendly Garden – Review coming soon. Check it out at http://amzn.to/1V6FGrH #garden #book #bee #honeybee #nature #outdoors

Reading Now: The Bee-Friendly Garden – Review coming soon. Check it out at http://amzn.to/1V6FGrH #garden #book #bee #honeybee #nature #outdoors via Instagram Follow me on Instagram Read more on this topic: Euryops with Honeybee in Black and White #garden #gardenersnotebook #insect #honeybee #bee #nature #outdoors #bw #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography Bee on lavender #bee #insect #lavender #garden […]

Noted: The Royal Horticultural Society’s Allotment Handbook

Read The Royal Horticultural Society’s Allotment Handbook via City Farmer News An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Noted: Learn to Grow Hops Gardens of the World: Palais Royal, Paris, France Noted: Garden Roundup: 10 Perfect Party Spaces in the City by Barbara Peck via Gardenista Noted: 5 Gardens […]

Book: The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents by Terry Hewitt

A friend passed along this older book to me a few weeks ago and it has REALLY upped my cactus and succulent identification game. While it may be a bit out of date, its photographs allow me to quickly categorize basic types and families of succulents so I can continue my research elsewhere. My plant […]

Garden Books: America’s Romance with the English Garden by Thomas J. Mickey — a new series from A Gardener’s Notebook

Today starts a new weekly series here on A Gardener’s Notebook — Garden Books. Each week I will highlight a new book or publication that might interest you. If you have suggestions for books I should highlight, please send them along. While most of these posts will simply be introductions to new books, I will […]

Gardener’s Gift Guide: Anthony Eglin Garden Mysteries – The Alcatraz Rose

I have enjoyed all of the Anthony Eglin’s past garden mysteries featuring Lawrence Kingston including The Blue Rose, The Water Lily Cross, The Lost Gardens and more. They are a perfect combination of 2 of my biggest interests — gardening and mystery. Eglin just released his latest in the series, The Alcatraz Rose. No sooner […]

Historical Book: The amateur gardener’s calendar by Mrs. Loudon, 1871

I was introduced to this book via a post on Google+ by Eugbug’s DIY Den and immediately searched to see if it was available online. A quick Google search turned up this edition, in an amazing number of formats including web-based, Kindle, EPUB, and Plain Text. A quick download and copy put it on my Kindle […]

A Garden Journal from A Gardener’s Notebook

  “A gardening journal can be a wonderful place to retire when heat, cold or weariness keep us at a distance from our gardens. In this busy world, business and travel keep us away from our gardens more than we like. On your next long flight, why not take your journal with you. You can […]

Collect both horticultural and garden design books…from A Gardener’s Notebook

  “The next item to consider for your gardening library is establishing a balance between books filled with information — latin names, identifying marks, propagation tips –and books that focus on theory and design. You want a few of each as you will need both sides of the equation. Informational books can help you in […]