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Photo: Gardenias and Green

After a busy weekend I stepped into the garden this evening to check out some seedlings and was greeted with the most wonderful scent. The gardenias have exploded in the back garden. Where I saw one or two blooms last week there are now forty. Sorry I can’t share the smell with your, but here […]

AmpleHarvest.org help you share your garden bounty with the less fortunate

I just listened to an online class with the founder of AmpleHarvest.org. What a wonderful idea. AmpleHarvest connects gardeners with extra produce to food banks and food pantries in their local area. So much food is wasted each day in America and now there is way to get that food to those who need it […]

In the garden today – April 23, 2011

See larger versions of these pictures, and more gardening pictures, on my Flickr photostream I don’t know what got into us today, but the boy firmly said, last night, “Tomorrow is a garden day!” Well, I am one to make great use of any gardening initiative on his part, so around mid-morning we headed out […]

Share your garden photos here or on Facebook

As you have seen, I love sharing photos of my garden and interesting plants and structures I find elsewhere. I would love for you to share your pictures, too. You can add them as links here in the comments or add them to the Gardener’s Notebook Facebook Page. I use Flickr to share my pictures […]

Photo: Basil seedlings

Basil seedlings, originally uploaded by dewelch. Via Flickr: The early sprouts of some old basil seeds. I didn’t know if the seed was still viable. I have been on a bit of a planting frenzy with all these old seeds, just to see what might grow. Once these are up and sturdy I will look […]

Brugmansia blooms

Brugmansia blooms, originally uploaded by dewelch. I found these lovely blooms at a client’s house today. She has 3 large Brugmansia, all blooming prolifically. Quite dramatic. Wikipedia on Brugmansia Read more on this topic: Brugmansia seen on my walk Azalea blooms Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for March 2010 Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps […]

Event: Wildflower Show and Native Plant Sale – Encino

Spotted on L.A. at home… April 23: The annual wildflower show and native plant sale sponsored by the California Native Plant Society and the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants includes a symposium. Speakers include Lili Singer on “The Joys of Gardening with Native Plants,” 9:30 to 11a.m.; James Kenney on “Wildflowers and Landscapes of the […]

Video: Garden Breeze from Viddy iPhone app

Watch Garden Breeze on YouTube Read more on this topic: Video: In the garden from Viddy iPhone app Video: Grass: A Short Essay Video: Activity of local wild bee hive Video: Watering seedlings made easy

Photo: Agaricus campestris ??

Saw this today as I was working in the garden and figured I would share. After looking at some photos online, I think it is Agaricus Compestris. Let me know what you think in the comments. I also submitted a picture to Project Noah, using their iPhone app, to see what people there have to […]

Douglas and AGN join Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6!

I can now announce a new project that revolves around this blog, A Gardener’s Notebook — Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6! Over the next several months I, along with 5 other bloggers, will be working with Troy-Bilt, an Ohio-based garden equipment manufacturer, to bring you lots of great gardening information. Below you will find some basic info and links […]