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Douglas E. Welch

Photos: Saturday6 kick-off event at Troy-Bilt, Inc, Chef’s Garden, Inc, Culinary Vegetable Institute and VeggieU

I am sitting at Cleveland Hopkins Airport waiting to board my flight back to LA after a great couple of days at the Saturday6 kick-off event. We visited Troy-Bilt, Inc and got to see their entire operation, their people and even test-drive some equipment. Then we were off to Chef’s Garden, Inc, in Huron, Ohio to […]

Ohio Lilac

Lilac, originally uploaded by dewelch. I found this lilac at my sister’s house in Norwalk, Ohio. I saw a lot of lilacs as we travelled around for the Saturday6 program, but this was the first one I had a chance to grab a picture of. As you might imagine, the smell was amazing. No related […]

Photo: Out standing in a field

Out standing in a field, originally uploaded by dewelch. “One of these things are not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.” Anyone who has planted tulips or other bulbs knows that an erratic will sneak in on occasion. I caught this perfect example outside of Cleveland City Hall today in Willard […]

Off to Cleveland to play in Troy-Bilt’s garden this week!

Jennah, over at Jennah’s garden is one of my fellow Saturday6 members and she posted her thoughts about attending our kick-off event this week. I came across it as I took a break from my own packing and it got me to thinking about my own thoughts about the project and my upcoming trip. First, […]

Join Douglas for a Saturday6 Garden Q&A and Troy-Bilt product demo – Sat., May 21, 2011

It’s Gardening Time in the Valley! Garden Q&A and Product Demo Join us at Lowe’s Northridge on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 10am-1p and meet me, Douglas E. Welch, from A Gardener’s Notebook blog and a member of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6.   Troy-Bilt area manager, Vince Landseadal, will have a selection of Troy-Bilt equipment and tools for you […]

Photo: One lone petunia

Following up on my project of planting all my old seeds to see what sprouts, today I finally saw one, lone, Petunia seedling rise from the surface. In the background of this photo you can also see the basil seedlings that are still going strong and a few more seeds have germinated on the side […]

Video: Geraniums on a hot LA Day – from Viddy

Quick stylized video using the Viddy.co iPhone app… Read more on this topic: Video: In the garden from Viddy iPhone app Video: Rain in Los Angeles Video: Garden Breeze from Viddy iPhone app Video: Watering seedlings made easy Palm Trees using Toonpaint for iPhone

Photo: Gardenias and Green

After a busy weekend I stepped into the garden this evening to check out some seedlings and was greeted with the most wonderful scent. The gardenias have exploded in the back garden. Where I saw one or two blooms last week there are now forty. Sorry I can’t share the smell with your, but here […]

AmpleHarvest.org help you share your garden bounty with the less fortunate

I just listened to an online class with the founder of AmpleHarvest.org. What a wonderful idea. AmpleHarvest connects gardeners with extra produce to food banks and food pantries in their local area. So much food is wasted each day in America and now there is way to get that food to those who need it […]

In the garden today – April 23, 2011

See larger versions of these pictures, and more gardening pictures, on my Flickr photostream I don’t know what got into us today, but the boy firmly said, last night, “Tomorrow is a garden day!” Well, I am one to make great use of any gardening initiative on his part, so around mid-morning we headed out […]