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Elsewhere: DIY shade finder tool takes the tedium out of solar surveys

Nothing like applying a little science and technical ingenuity to make an onerus task easier and faster. I could see this being very useful to a gardener who is trying to site a new plot, tree or home plantings. I have toyed around with using video or time-lapse to accomplish this task, but this is […]

Photos: Azaleas 2012

The azaleas have started to bloom here, pretty much on schedule according to my gardening calendar. Read more on this topic: Photos: Lavender and Parsley Photos: First Paperwhites 2011 First Daffodils and my Google-based gardening calendar AGN Gardening Events Calendar Video: Planting daffodil bulbs

Elsewhere: Books: 100 books about the world around us: Nature, science, math, and applied crafts.

Lots of great ideas here for reading online, from  your library or buying. I am adding a lot of these books to my To Read list at GoodReads.com, too. 100 books about the world around us: Nature, science, math, and applied crafts. Sometimes a book is the best way to visit a place, idea, or […]

Photos: Lavender and Parsley

I had to go to the local home store today to pick up a new garbage disposal and, of course, a quick trip through the garden section had me bringing home a couple of new plants. First was 2 lavender plants to replace some that had died back in our original planting a few years […]

Elsewhere: 6 Steps for Planning Next Year’s Garden

Via Pinterest.com… Source: treehugger.com via Colleen on Pinterest I can always use good advice in planning my garden, especially as we are going to try and grow more veg this year. Read more on this topic: Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone […]

Top Gardeners Notebook posts for 2011

Here are the top Career Opportunities posts for 2011 according to page views. Check them out! Video: Transplanting Cast Iron Plant Photo: Basil seedlings I Like This – August 26, 2010 – Gutter Gardens I Like This – August 3, 2010 – iPhone Garden App for Math Challenged Gardeners Snowbells Video: Repairing a damaged drip irrigation line […]

Video: Spring – HD Time Lapse Footage of Flowering Trees

An amazing view of something we can only see via time-lapse. Enjoy! Spring – HD Time Lapse Footage of Flowering Trees from HDtimelapse.net on Vimeo. http://twitter.com/HDtimelapsenet http://www.facebook.com/HDtimelapse.net Time lapse of flowering trees such wild apple tree, apricot tree, cherry tree, japanese cherry tree, apple tree, pear tree. Source: Nikon D700 & Canon EOS 5D Mark […]

WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower

Thomas Lewalski was the randomly chosen winner of the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC gas leaf blower in the contest that ended on Christmas Day. We have contacted Thomas and sent his information on to Troy-Bilt so they can send him his leaf blower. I love being able to give away equipment like this. Watch the blog, Facebook […]


When Halloween finished up in October, I took the advice in this Pinterest post about growing pumpkins from your old jack-o-lanterns. Source: growinginprek.com via Douglas on Pinterest   The Christmas deer below stands on top of what was, only a few weeks ago, a large pine tree. It, and another on the property, were infected […]

A little gardening before year end

My wife, Rosanne, has greatly wanted a new garden bed to grow some food products. Since this is a good time to be starting (ok, maybe a little late) cold weather crops like kale and such, this morning we brought out the electric cultivator and turned an old rose bed into the new food bed. […]