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Elsewhere: 6 Steps for Planning Next Year’s Garden

Via Pinterest.com… Source: treehugger.com via Colleen on Pinterest I can always use good advice in planning my garden, especially as we are going to try and grow more veg this year. Read more on this topic: Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone […]

Top Gardeners Notebook posts for 2011

Here are the top Career Opportunities posts for 2011 according to page views. Check them out! Video: Transplanting Cast Iron Plant Photo: Basil seedlings I Like This – August 26, 2010 – Gutter Gardens I Like This – August 3, 2010 – iPhone Garden App for Math Challenged Gardeners Snowbells Video: Repairing a damaged drip irrigation line […]

Video: Spring – HD Time Lapse Footage of Flowering Trees

An amazing view of something we can only see via time-lapse. Enjoy! Spring – HD Time Lapse Footage of Flowering Trees from HDtimelapse.net on Vimeo. http://twitter.com/HDtimelapsenet http://www.facebook.com/HDtimelapse.net Time lapse of flowering trees such wild apple tree, apricot tree, cherry tree, japanese cherry tree, apple tree, pear tree. Source: Nikon D700 & Canon EOS 5D Mark […]

WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower

Thomas Lewalski was the randomly chosen winner of the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC gas leaf blower in the contest that ended on Christmas Day. We have contacted Thomas and sent his information on to Troy-Bilt so they can send him his leaf blower. I love being able to give away equipment like this. Watch the blog, Facebook […]


When Halloween finished up in October, I took the advice in this Pinterest post about growing pumpkins from your old jack-o-lanterns. Source: growinginprek.com via Douglas on Pinterest   The Christmas deer below stands on top of what was, only a few weeks ago, a large pine tree. It, and another on the property, were infected […]

A little gardening before year end

My wife, Rosanne, has greatly wanted a new garden bed to grow some food products. Since this is a good time to be starting (ok, maybe a little late) cold weather crops like kale and such, this morning we brought out the electric cultivator and turned an old rose bed into the new food bed. […]

Photos: Paperwhites in the sun

Here are a few more pictures of my paperwhites — this time in the sun — for a slightly better view. Read more on this topic: Photos: First Paperwhites 2011 Share your garden photos here or on Facebook Well ^%$&@(*&! What happened to the sun? Photo: Turn your Face to the Sun Photos: Hummingbird in […]

All About Douglas – Choosing what you want to see and hear

I have a lot of interests, as most of you already know. Therefore, I have a lot of different blogs, events,  and groups in my portfolio of online engagements. I also try to make myself available wherever people want to converse. This means that each of my interests usually has multiple presences on the Internet. […]

What are your favorite gardening catalogs? Send me a link…or a copy!

Everyone knows that the dark days of Winter is when gardeners turn to gardening and seed catalogs to fill their gardening fantasies. How about sharing your favorite catalogs with the readers of A Gardener’s Notebook? Leave a comment on this post with a link to your favorite catalog and where people might order their own […]

Photos: First Paperwhites 2011

The bulbs have been up and growing for a couple of weeks now, but today is when I saw the first paperwhite flowers appear. Our Southern California Spring starts as soon as the rains come, so most of our bulbs are growing right now. Looking at my calendar, it looks like we are about a […]