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Free Garden Wallpaper for your smartphone – Cherry Blossoms

Click the image of link below to download your very own copy of this photo, formatted for use as an iPhone or Android wallpaper on your smartphone. I plan on producing these once each month. Click to download your own copy of this Cherry Blossom desktop for your smartphone For iPhone, tap and hold on […]

Photos: Cherry Blossoms at Lake Balboa, Los Angeles, CA

A friend mentioned that the Cherry Trees at Lake Balboa near me here in Van Nuys, CA were blooming. It seemed much too early of that according to my records of previous blooms, but I decided to drive buy today and check things out. Well, as you can see from the photos below, there are […]

Photo: Wisteria leaves are popping

The wisteria that covers our back pergola has always struggled. Like some other gardeners have written, wisteria is a finicky beast that blooms only when it really wants to and only under the perfect circumstances, which can vary from plant to plant and variety to variety. Our wisteria has only bloomed twice in the past […]

Photo: Tomatoes in February?!?!

Our little volunteer tomato plant is kicking up production this week. I don’t know if it the mild weather or a bit more sun, but I count around 20 new flowers on the plant and I am already seeing new fruit being set. Hard to believe we can have this much production in February, even […]

Product: Garden flower cookie cutters

I came across these in the Baking Bites blog, which I read via RSS. This posts crosses a couple of my interests. They are cookie cutters, so this post is about food, but they are flower-shaped and other garden shaped cookie cutters, so this crosses in the gardening topic. Oh what to do? Where do […]

Free Garden Wallpaper for your computer – Paperwhites

Click the link below to view/download your own copy of this Paperwhites Desktop Wallpaper for your computer from A Gardener’s Notebook. Download this garden desktop picture for your computer Read more on this topic: Photos: Paperwhites in the sun Photos: First Paperwhites 2011 Free iPhone Garden App – Garden Pro – Today only! (6/7/2011) What […]

Photo: First Daffodil 2012

The daffodil foliage had been pushing up over the last few days, but as I drove away from the house today I noticed a flash of yellow from the street side bed. Sure enough, this daffodil was fully opened. Many more tome come, but there is something special about the first one of the season. […]

Speak Out! – What is happening/will happen in your garden this year?

? What is happening in your garden — or what will happen once the snow subsides? Share your stories, ideas and information here as a comment. This is an open thread and all non-spam comments will be posted. Read more on this topic: Looking to speak with UK Allotmenteers

Project: Steel pipe garden edging

You have probably seen my photos and videos of our wine bottle garden edging project. This photo shows a similar approach using an entirely different material. I am not sure where you would source enough of this pipe cheaply, but obviously this person did. One issue with using unique items for your garden edging is […]

Video: Vertical Garden Installation at Descanso Gardens, La Cañada Flintridge, CA

We haven’t made a trip out to Descanso recently, but this would certainly be cool to see in person. There is a lot of interest in vertical gardening lately and this does it on a grand scale. Link: Descanso Gardens Web Site Vertical Garden Installation at Descanso Gardens from Descanso Gardens on Vimeo.   Read […]