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AGN is now on Facebook

I set up a Facebook page for A Gardener’s Notebook a long time ago, but never really promoted or activated it. If you prefer to interact on Facebook, you can now join the AGN page and keep up with the new items and discussion along with all your other Facebook content. Read more on this […]

What I’m Reading…The Brother Gardeners by Andrea Wulf

The Brother Gardeners: A Generation of Gentlemen Naturalists and the Birth of an Obsession by Andrea Wulf From the Random House web site… This is the fascinating story of a small group of eighteenth-century naturalists who made Britain a nation of gardeners and the epicenter of horticultural and botanical expertise. It’s the story of a […]

Video: Watering seedlings made easy

My friend, Frieda, has a great idea for recycling a water bottle into a gentle seedling watering system in this iPhone video. You can find all of Freida’s Videos on her YouTube channel, Frieda’s Garden. Read more on this topic: Video: Repairing a damaged soaker hose Video: Activity of local wild bee hive Bees are […]

Photo: Euryops (Bush daisy)

Passed these today while walking to vote in today’s election. They always seem so bright and sunny, even on the greyest days. See more garden pictures in my Flickr Photo Set – A Gardener’s Notebook Read more on this topic: Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps Passiflora seen on my walk today

#Gardenchat Transcript from March 7, 2011

I joined in on #gardenchat tonight and it was a fun ride. You can find complete information on how to join the chat each Monday on the Gardenchat Web Site. You can also download a PDF file tonight’s chat (and other, past chats) from the web site. Download #gardenchat transcript 20110307 (PDF) Remember, you can […]

Photo: Orange blossoms about to open

I grabbed this picture of orange blossoms on a neighbor’s tree during my walk yesterday. We are just about to the time when the Valley fills with the overpowering scent of citrus. It is always amazing to me how heady the atmosphere can become. Read more on this topic: Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front […]

Video: Activity of local wild bee hive

Watch in full screen to see the bees at bottom of sign. Lots of activity today at my local wild bee hive that lives in a sign post next to a busy section of Van Nuys Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. Not sure exactly what is happening. Bees seemed more agressive and agitated than usual. […]

Passiflora seen on my walk today

Caught this first Passiflora bloom on my walk today. I always enjoy the blooms on this huge vine which cover the front wall of a home on my usual walking root. There were a few buds about to break, but this was the only one fully open. I always love the almost alien complexity of […]

Moleskine Gardening Journal – Want, not need (SMILE)

While you certainly don’t NEED this specialized gardening journal, wouldn’t it be cool? This combines some of my favorite things, blank books, journals, writing, gardening, drawing. Who could ask for more?! I don’t keep a separate garden journal at the moment. I combine it with my general, “take everywhere” journal and a Google Calendar, but […]

Possible Frost in Van Nuys tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory overnight for our area of the San Fernando Valley. I already see temperatures dipping into the upper 30’s, although I still show 41° here in my garden at the moment. (11:11pm) Several years ago we had some fairly severe damage after several nights of freezing temperatures. […]