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Growing Pride & Produce via Yakima Herald-Republic

Could your area use a community garden? The answer might surprise you. Here is one excellent example of both the why and how of one small community’s garden. — Douglas     A few years ago, when Gini asked some residents, “What do you think we need in Buena?” A young woman said she wished […]

Tower Garden spotted in Stephens College Cafeteria

It was cool to spot this Tower Garden (2 of them, in fact) in the cafeteria of Stephens College on a recent visit to Columbia, Missouri for the Citizen Jane Film Festival. I have seen a variety of these systems, but this is my first experience with Tower Garden specifically. I did a little research […]

Artificial intelligence identifies plant species by looking at them via Boing Boing

There have been several apps that perform similar AI matching and each of them gets better with every iteration. Often they are good enough to get you into the right botanical ballpark so you can do more traditional research from there. That can significantly reduce the amount of time required to figure out exactly what plant […]

Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas and Crafts via DIY Home Decor Guide

Some great ideas for dressing up your home and garden both inside and outside. — Douglas   Refresh your home with something new and cute this summer. I am going to share some very creative and inexpensive DIY wall decor ideas. I will tell you today that how you could dress up your walls with […]

In The Garden…New strawberry pots

A week or so ago we picked up 2 new strawberry pots form the nursery. While the strawberries in our containers have been doing well, those in the ground were languishing. We figured it was best to get the remaining plants into containers and retrofit the bed to make it a little better for whatever […]

20% Off Everything Today Including these Sunflower Days Totes, Mugs, Smartphone Cases and More!

20% Off Everything Today Including these Sunflower Days Totes, Mugs, Smartphone Cases and More!   Directly from my Instagram Photos Available exclusively fromDouglasEWelch.com/shopDouglasEWelch.com/shop/68 (Direct Link) Tote Bag Features Selected design printed on both sides 1 inch wide super strong cotton shoulder strap (14 inch length) Soft yet hard wearing 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric Dry […]

Befriend Bees via Sunset: Garden

Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated. Though some plants are pollinated by bats, birds, butterflies, moths, and wasps, most of the work is done by bees. Bees are in serious trouble, though. Their numbers are in sharp decline, mainly because of shrinking habitat. Fortunately, bees have some […]

Rudbeckia in Fall Colors via Instagram

Rudbeckia in Fall Colors An amazing rudbeckia flower shines out in the Autumn sun.  Join the conversation on A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook  * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs ** Books on rudbeckia may be available from your local library. Check it out! Read more on this topic: Epiphyllum […]

Garden Decor: Today’s Coffee Break Reading at Farm Table via Instagram

Today’s Coffee Break Reading at Farm Table I walked to the library to pick up this book and grab a coffee this afternoon. Farm Table provides a nice place to grab an Americano and snack on the way back (They have some nice full meals, too)   Join the conversation on A Gardener’s Notebook on […]

Gomphrena ‘Pinball Purple’ via Instagram

Gomphrena ‘Pinball Purple’ Spotted at the nursery this weekend. Might find a place in my front garden. Join the conversation on A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook  From Missouri Botanic Garden… Annual. Easily grown in average, well-drained soils in full sun. Although mature plants exhibit good drought resistance, plants grow best with regular moisture throughout the […]