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Douglas E. Welch

Abbey Green, Bath, UK

Click to enlarge In the midst of the daytime hustle and bustle of Bath, just a few steps from Bath Abbey and its busy square, lies Abbey Green, overarched by this large tree. It was a cool and quite respite in the city, and would be well duplicated in any garden. It is a lovely […]

Photo Contest from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries is continuing their photo contests started last month. “For the remaining photo contests, the companies have decided to raise the stakes, giving away two $100 Gift Certificates for each contest; one for each brand.” You need to be a fan of the Gurney’s or Spring Hill Nurseries […]

Elsewhere Online: Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall

I repurposed a large mirror from a bathroom remodeling project years ago, but the unique shape of this mirror takes the concept of garden expansion to an entirely different level. MAKE: Blog via Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall. Read more on this topic: I Like This – Circular Pod-Shaped Tea House is Heated […]

Daisies at Disney Hall

Daisie at Disney Hall, originally uploaded by dewelch. While strolling around before a concert last night, I found this lovely patch of daisies in the garden of the Disney Hall in downtown LA. Read more on this topic: Brugmansia seen on my walk

Foxglove in Kensington Gardens

Foxglove in Kensington Gardens, originally uploaded by dewelch. A shot from our recent trip to the UK. The white foxglove was growing in Kensington Gardens immediately adjacent to Kensington Palace. The palace ground are undergoing a large renovation at the moment. Update: I have renamed this. I couldn’t think of “foxglove” when I posted this […]

Nasturtiums have sprouted!

Nasturiums have sprouted!, originally uploaded by dewelch. Almost to the time listed on the seed package I see that most of the nasturtiums I planted have sprouted. A quick count shows around 80-90% germination. It is good to see them come up. I can only imagine what they will look like when we return from […]

Looking to speak with UK Allotmenteers

Image by muggers! via Flickr One thing I am looking to do is grab some audio and video with allotment gardeners in the UK. I hear so much about allotments and the various reasons people garden there and I want to take some time to talk with them and get their thoughts and advice. I […]

New Nasturtiums

I am on a kick to green up the garden this season, even if we are entering the hot part of the year. To that end, I have recently upgraded some irrigation using soaker hoses and today, on a whim, I planted some nasturtiums (seed packet in picture) in the patio bed outside the back […]

Video: Water features from nature – Water in Millard Canyon, Angeles National Forest

Images from a short walk in Millard Canyon, Angeles National Forest, just north of Los Angeles. While these shots are out in the “wild” mountains north of Los Angeles, there is a gardening link. If and when you design a water feature in your garden, it pays to go out and take a look at […]

Jacaranda mimosafolia on my walk

Jacaranda mimosafolia on my walk, originally uploaded by dewelch. The jacarandas are in bloom here in LA. A great bright purple show that takes place every year. Read more on this topic: Brugmansia seen on my walk Passiflora found along our walk today Daffodils 2010 Great Backyard Bird Count Bird Walk at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife […]