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Live Today: Organic Gardening Spring Kick Off Google+ Hangout with Douglas and The Wisconsin Vegetable Garden Podcast

Join hosts Holly and Joey Baird, along with myself and several other guests for this LIVE Google Hangout on Organic Gardening. Subscribe to the Wisconsin Vegetable Garden Podcast YouTube Channel or Circle their Google+ page to be notified of the show. I’ll also post the live feed here on A Gardener’s Notebook on the evening […]

6 Years Ago: Video: Windy in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA

It was quite a windy day in the San Fernando Valley 6 years ago. I remember that Spring when we had a lot of wind damage around the area, although thankfully not in our garden. This video also points of the state of online video 6 years ago. Today I do everything in HD, but […]

Garden Alphabet: California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica) Eschscholzia californica is the state flower of California, our native poppy is seen everywhere at this time of year. In past years, we have visited the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve just north of us in Lancaster, California. Unfortunately, according to a story in today’s Los Angeles Times (California poppies are a no-show […]

Garden History: Santa Barbara Mission, 2201 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara, California. (LOC)

Just 1.5 hours up the highway from us here in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara Mission gardens are as welcoming today as they were back in 1917 when this photo was taken. Described as the “Queen of the Missions”, Santa Barbara has been nearly destroyed several times in its long history. Earthquakes on 1812 and […]

Video: In the garden…March 27, 2013 – No green potatoes and some flowers are blooming

“In the garden…” is a series for A Gardener’s Notebook highlighting what is happening in my garden, my friend’s gardens and California gardens throughout the seasons. Hilling the potatoes more to prevent greening and a look at some flowers that are blooming in the garden today. Watch all the past “In the garden…” videos in this YouTube playlist. […]

Garden Decor: Acorn Wind Chime

Acorn Wind Chime I have always liked wind chimes in my garden and I have several there already. That said, this acorn wind chime caught my attention on Pinterest today. I like its simplicity and I can imagine the single clear tone it would create. I like the colors, as well. I have never been […]

From the archives: Look More Closely – October 17, 1999

Look More Closely Gardens are a curious thing. Sometimes I am looking at my garden as a whole, trying to develop overall themes and designs. Sometimes I am focused on one plant as I move it from one area to another or try and nurture it back to health. Sometimes, though, I can go for […]

Interesting Plant: Rosa banksiae (Lady Banks’ Rose)

Interesting Plant: Rosa banksiae (Lady Banks’ Rose) Click for larger images Interesting Plant: Rosa banksiae (Lady Banks’ Rose) “Rosa banksiae, commonly referred to as the Lady Banks’ Rose, is a species of Rosa native to central and western China, in the provinces of Gansu, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and Yunnan; it grows in mountains at […]

Photo: Azalea Bloom

Today in the garden… Read more on this topic: Azalea in Bloom…So soon? Video: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2012 – Photo Montage Garden Inventory: Azalea Photos: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at May Dream Gardens Tasks: Azalea Trimming

Video: Container Garden Update 20: Slow going and some frugal lettuce

The containers are slowing down as the hot days arrive here in Los Angeles. A lettuce root from the store provides both lunch and a new start in a container. What’s happening in your garden? I’d love to know! Leave your questions and comments here or on any of the web and social media sites […]