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Photo: In the (container) garden for August 8, 2012

A few shots from the container garden taken yesterday evening. I counted at least 6 cucumbers starting to fruit in one container and saw new leaves sprouting from the strawberry plants. The zucchini plants are throwing off flowers like crazy, too. I also glimpsed a few tiny sprouts of oregano and spinach coming up in […]

Video: Garden Tip: Wine Bottle Container Waterer

I have many uses for empty wine bottles in my garden. Witness this wine bottle edging video I posted last year. (How-to: Wine bottle edging for your garden beds project) Now, in the heat of Summer, wine bottles find a new use as slow waterers for my container plants. I fill them with water and […]

Pruners Ready to go to work

via Instagram   * A Gardener’s Notebook is a member of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6, but all opinions here are mine alone. Read more on this topic: WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower Mini-review: Troy-Bilt Hand Tools – Pruners Video: Beautiful and Productive Garden Video: Container Carrot Update Video: What Douglas Dug… Show 002 – Podcast

Video: Your Day with Susy Morris – Potting Soil

Here is a nice video on making your own potting soil from Susy Morris and the ChiotsRun gardening blog. Can’t see the video above? Watch it on YouTube. Read more on this topic: Project: Homemade Potting soil project Homemade Potting soil and potting bench Video: Vegetables in Containers Video: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2012 – […]

Video: Making Limoncello Part 2

** Watch this video first (Making Limoncello Part 1) to see the entire process Douglas makes Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur (digestivo) using lemons from friends and grain alcohol. Part 2 finishes the process by straining the lemon peels and adding the simple syrup. Commments/Questions: Send email to agn@welchwrite.com or call 818-804-5049 to leave a voice mail. Can’t see […]

Elsewhere: Share the bounty of your garden with these printable seed packs

It can be great fun to share to your garden with others, either by giving cuttings from your favorite plants or by saving seeds and passing them on to friends and family. These printable seed packs from an article in Country Living, can make this sharing even easier and nicer looking. You could probably use […]

Video: Container Vegetable Garden Update 003

In this update, Douglas plants some oregano and spinach seeds, pinches back the basil and the mint and checks on the status of the lettuce and the cucumbers. Music: “Whiskey on the MIssissippi” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)  – Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Vegetable Garden Update 003” on YouTube  […]

Free Garden wallpapers for August 2012 – Morning Glory

Here is a selection of free wallpapers for your computer desktop or smartphone. Right-click and select Save Image As… to download them to your own computer. On your smartphone, tap and hold, then select Save to Camera Roll. You can then attach the wallpapers using your phone’s preferences. Desktop Wallpaper iPad/Tablet Wallpaper iPhone/Smartphone Wallpaper   […]

Gardening videos on the Douglas E. Welch YouTube Channel

Each of my blogs has a section on my YouTube Channel where you can check out and share the various videos you see here. You can find all the garden-related videos in this YouTube Playlist for A Gardener’s Notebook. Can’t see the playlist above? Watch all the garden videos on YouTube. Read more on this […]

Elsewhere: Cattle Panel Arch Trellis via Pinterest

This looks like a great idea to use the space between your raise beds and provide climbing space for vegetables like cucumbers, squash, peas, etc. Source: forums.gardenweb.com via Douglas on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Recycle: Pallet trellis for vegetable garden climbers Cucumber trellis and plant volunteers Elsewhere: Whimsical Garden Gate via Pinterest Elsewhere: […]