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Planting time is already here, in some states

Image by Getty Images via Daylife This was originally written for release in February 2010 for another publication, but it never appeared. Much of the information is still valid, though, even as as move through April. — Douglas While much of the US is still buried under quite a bit of snow, out here in […]

Gardening books are friendly, supportive and stimulating companions

Regardless of whether you are in the depths of your Winter gardening doldrums or at the height of your vegetable harvest, gardening books can be a friendly companion to your planning, a supportive friend to help you diagnose issues and a safe place where you can dream of the garden you would love to have. […]

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for March 2010

Here are a few things blooming in my garden today. Click to enlarge (From Top to bottom, L-R: Cyclamen, Azalea, Azalea, Azalea, Lantana, Azalea) Read more on this topic: I Like This – March 11, 2010 Daffodils 2010

Interested in a gardening/nature/outdoors unconference?

My past experiences with unconferences like BarCampLA, PodCampAZ and my own CareerCampLA started me thinking about some sort of gardening/nature/outdoors unconfererence here in the Los Angeles area (or elsewhere). I am totally sold on the concept of unconferences and their ability to facilitate sharing the knowledge we all have with each other and the world. […]

Freebies = Free Bees!

I spotted this swarm hive in this business sign at 5800 Van Nuys Blvd while we were out for out daily walk a week or so ago. The bees were concentrated around the point where the pole meets the sign, so I am guessing the hive is in the sign itself. I informed the manager of the lot about this […]

Daffodils 2010

Daffodils and more – 03, originally uploaded by dewelch. I have been meaning to take photos of these daffodils for the last several days, but the great weather and afternoon sun finally tempted me outside. These are some of my favorite flowers in the garden and always look so striking amid the purple lantana in […]

I Like This – Circular Pod-Shaped Tea House is Heated by Compost

What a cool idea a great use of what would normally be waste heat — Douglas If you’ve ever experienced composting in action, you may know that things can get pretty hot when microbes meet organic material. So what if there was a way to capture all that heat and use it to warm up […]

I Like This – Seattle City website declares – 2010 The Year of Urban Agriculture

Promoting community agriculture efforts and increased access to locally grown food “2010: The Year of Urban Agriculture” was organized by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Department of Planning and Development, and the Seattle City Council. The site includes: City Initiatives & Programs: Street Use Permits: Gardening in Planting Strips Seattle’s P-Patch Program What’s new at P-Patch […]