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A Gardener’s Notebook in Troy-Bilt’s newsletter, “The Dirt”

As part of my work with Troy-Bilt, I regularly write for their monthly newsletter, The Dirt. This month, my article is entitled “Inch-by-Inch” and appears below in it’s entirety. Read the entire newsletter If you would like to subscribe to The Dirt, visit the Troy-Bilt web site and subscribe. Subscribe to A Gardener’s Notebook mailing […]

Photo: Oaks, acorns and an unidentified spider that needs a name

It is flag football season again, so an hour or so of each afternoon involves me sitting in the park trying to work or read or do something else productive. Today I happened to notice these tiny acorns on the tree above my head. They are small, but yet the perfect definition of an acorn. […]

Photo: Wine bottle edging in the garden

Wine bottle edging in the garden, originally uploaded by dewelch. An overview of the wine bottle edging shown in my latest video. Read more on this topic: Question: Would you use recycled wine bottle edging around your garden beds? Video: How-To: Wine bottle edging for your garden beds project Project: Bottle Garden Bed Edging Photo: […]

Video: How-To: Wine bottle edging for your garden beds project

Douglas takes you through a project using wine bottles to edge a garden bed. This is a great recycling project and easy enough that anyone, even kids, can help out. Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with my paid partnership as one of the Saturday6 from Troy-Bilt. All thoughts are my own. Read more on […]

Photo: Incipient Tomato

Tomatoes are about to arrive here in our garden. This volunteer tomato which sprouted from some compost I used for potting has been putting out flowers and today I noticed a small, cherry tomato already forming. Our volunteer tomato A closeup from the same shot It is always such fun to see things go from […]

Project: Roof cleaning for the Fall and Winter

If you have a lot of mature trees on your property like we do, you will be faced with this project once or twice a year. In our case, we sometimes fall down on the job and don’t get to it when we should. This year, though, I see Fall approaching rapidly even here in […]

Photo: Soaker Hose Timer and manifold

I use soaker hoses almost exclusively here in my garden. They insure that the water gets where it is needed without watering path and other area and simply causing grass and weeds to grow. In our dry, Southern California climate it is hardy weed indeed that can grow without any source of additional water. Click […]

Photo: Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree

Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree, originally uploaded by dewelch. We are getting 10-15 figs a day from this volunteer (well, bird-seeded) fig tree in the back garden. It s behind our little garden shed. This is good because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but bad because it wants to reach […]

Photo: Plums (Italian: pruna/susina) with ash from Mount Etna

Plums (Italian: pruna/susina), originally uploaded by dewelch. Here are some lovely, tiny, plums that were growing in our cousins garden in Sicily. Such a nice little mouthful, although it did have some fairly large seeds inside. Juicy as all get out, too. That “dirt” you see on the leaves is actually sabbia, or ash, from […]

Book Review: Garden of Secrets Past by Anthony Eglin

Book Review: Garden of Secrets Past by Anthony Eglin: An English Garden MysteryMinotaur Books, 2011 I have been a big fan of Anthony Eglin’s books since reading the first English Garden Mystery, The Blue Rose. He caught me immediately with his protagonist, Lawrence Kingston, who was a learned and avid gardener as well as a […]