Historical Seed Catalogs: Valley Seed Co. (1919) – 61 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Valley Seed Co. (1919) - 61 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Valley Seed Co. (1919) - 61 in a series

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A Short Visit with Our Friends

Again it is our privilege to send, through the pages of our 1919 Catalogue, special greetings to our customers, and to others who ought to be our customers. We have strictly adhered to our policy of listing only varieties of known value, and to make our descriptions accurate in all respects; in fact these descriptions are based on personal observations and experiences.

War Gardens are just as important in this year of peace as when we were in the midst of hostilities. Every foot of ground should be made to produce to the limit; the foundation of such production is the seed you sow — be sure that you get the best.

How to Order. Write your name, post office, and county plainly.

At prices quoted in our Catalogue, we deliver everything listed (except Insecticides) at your railroad station or post office. We pay the freight, express, or postage, reserving the right to send the goods to you the cheapest way. All small packages will be mailed.

Remittances should be made by post-office or express money order, or by exchange on Sacramento, New York, or San Francisco. For small items stamps will be accepted.

Keep a Copy of Your Order. Check goods received with this copy. Sometimes items are sold out, or will follow later, in which case a slip is inclosed with other goods, or notice sent. In case of error, notify us immediately, that correction may be made.



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