I seem to be much better at holding to other people’s resolutions instead of my own, so I figure I will piggy-back on a few of my favorite blog’s resolutions in order to make a good start on the year.  (LAUGH) — Douglas
Remove overly-aggressive plants
1. Remove overly-aggressive plants like Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm.’ Although this was a great plant in my garden when I watered with soaker hoses, it now takes over and crowds out other, more desirable plants. I blame its bad behavior on my having a better watering system. I’ve used drip irrigation since 2008. ‘Goldsturm’ is also only good for skipper butterflies in my garden. Bees like wood bees and honey bees don’t go near it. I am going to keep it in this one terrible part of the garden where very little water and clay soil remain. It’s near the air conditioner so the area is also very hot.
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