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2018 - Historical Seed Catalogs: Catalog, L.A. Watkins Merchandise Company (1904) – 15 in a series
2017 - DIY: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed via Mother Earth News
2016 - Canyon Sunflower [Photo]
2014 - Free Raindrops Computer and Smartphone Wallpapers for December 2014
2013 - Ginkgo in Fall Color via Instagram
2012 - 2012 Gift Guide: Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart
2012 - Garden Vocabulary: Acclimatization/Acclimation

From Gardening Don’ts (1913) by M.C. 05

From Gardening Don'ts (1913) by M.C. 05

DON’T forget that in the
world of flowers, the
un-rehearsed effect is often the
most attractive, and the un-
invited guest sometimes as
welcome as her more formal

From Gardening Don'ts by M.C. 01

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