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Also from 2019 - Historical Garden Books: A dissertation on oriental gardening by Sir William Chambers (1773) – 46 in a series
Also from 2019 - Captivating Cactus: Time to plant (cactus) via Botanical Bright on TicTok [Video]
2017 - In the garden…September 16, 2017: Black Satin Blackberry (Rubus Ursinus) [Video] (1:35)
2016 - Get these Lavender Field bags, clothing, smartphone cases and more exclusively from Douglas E. Welch
2015 - Get this laptop sleeve and many more products at DouglasEWelch .com/store
2013 - Garden Vocabulary: Parterre
2012 - Elsewhere: Garden Seating integrated into retaining wall

Announcing Our New Guide to Garden Shed Design via Gardenista

A garden shed should be a sanctuary. Your safe space. At its most modest, a shed is the little building in the backyard, preferably covered with vines, where you can slip off on your own to hang your hat on a hook, re-pot an overgrown scented geranium, and organize all your sharp-edged tools.
Read Announcing Our New Guide to Garden Shed Design – Gardenista via Gardenista

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