I wish I had seen this guide when I was growing up back in Ohio. There were several farmers who took the time to create motorcycle and snowmobile trails in their woodlots and I am sure a lot of these tips would have come in quite handy. Not sure I’ll have the ability to put this info to use in my own urban garden, but I am sure there are those of you who would find it quite interesting. — Douglas 

The cold and the snow mean the end of gardening as we know it until mud season comes. However, if you are fortunate to have some woodland on your property, it’s an excellent time to create paths and turn your paths into trails.

What’s the difference between a path and a trail?

There are many meanings to the words path and trail, even mathematical ones. Some people consider the two words synonyms. But I like the distinction which I found here, which is that a path is made naturally by people or animals walking over it, and a trail is an improved path. It may be improved just for walking, or may be widened for horses, bicycles, or vehicles. I’m only going to be talking about improving it for walking, because we don’t have horses or off-road vehicles and bicycles.