I am always looking for different styles of planters for my own garden and a new community garden I am working to get started in Sherman Oaks. The community garden needs to serve people of all abilities and these elevated beds can be great for older folks or others who are limited in their mobility. — Douglas

Bring your gardening to new heights with an elevated planter box. “Why,” you ask, “a garden box on legs?”

There are several benefits to an elevated planter:

  • Offers “no-bend” gardening, reducing strain on the gardener’s knees and back.
  • Great for gardens where dirt space is scarce.
  • Puts your garden within close reach.
  • Enables urban dwellers without a dirt patch a way to get garden bounty on a balcony or any spot where four legs and a box will fit.
  • Gets delicate crops off the ground and out of reach of pets and pests (take that, slugs).
  • Gives more control over soil and water conditions for edible gardens.
  • Portability enables you to chase the seasonal sun or move the planter to various light conditions depending on what you are growing.
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