We have wanted to replace the broken-down wooden fence on our north property line almost since we moved in 20 years ago, but for a variety of reasons we were never able to make it happen. This week though a young couple became our new neighbors and a new fence was one of the first things on their improvement list. Even better, they were willing to split the cost AND they wanted exactly the type of fence I had been planning for — a nice white, low/no maintenance vinyl fence. We quickly decided on the style of fence and they had personal connections to an installer so just 2 days later — yesterday — they started. Today they are nearly finished. They only thing left to install is the new front gates once the cement on the posts has cured a bit and the decorative caps for the posts.

New Fence 1 In Progress

New fence 2 New Fence 3

New Fence 4

As you can see from the photos, this makes a dramatic change to this part of the garden and improves the look of everything. The green plants stand out more against the white fence instead of blending into the brown of the old one. We also won’t have to deal with portions of the fence toppling over whenever we have a bit of wind. Overall we are really pleased with the fence, our new neighbors and how easily the project came together.

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