In an effort to add more edible plants to the garden, I picked up this Navaho Blackberry at my local nursery during a recent visit to take photos.

Since I have been unable to do other work today as we are having new carpet laid in our combination office/family room, I decided to take a moment to get this into the ground. I placed it in one of sunniest spots in the front garden, in a bed where I have previously grown sweet potatoes. I still have more than enough space for growing potatoes and I am hoping this blackberry naturalizes well and grows into a sizeable clump. We love blackberries here and, much like the kale plant in the same bed, being able to pick fruit from our own garden would be marvelous.


Navaho Blackberry
Upright, thornless. 1988 University of Arkansas introduction. Superb flavor in a small berry. Fruit is firm with significantly smaller seeds than other thornless varieties. Upright canes require no support. Popular with home gardeners and commercial producers alike. USDA Zone 6-10.