A Gardener’s Notebook is happy to once again partner with Monrovia Plants as part of their “Embrace Your Space” program.

Red Astilbe - Plant Choice #2 for Embrace Your Space with Monrovia

Visions Astilbe from Monrovia Plants

Our first choice for the Embrace Your Space program was this red astilbe,Visions. This should be a nice companion to the white astilbe I showed in the previous blog post, Bridal Veil® Astilbe. I think the combination of colors could be very nice. I hope that I can divide these plants every couple of years to establish quite a large planting of them in the woodland area of my garden. 

From Monrovia.com

Visions Astilbe
Astilbe chinensis ‘Visions’

Showy plumed flower spikes adorn this outstanding perennial for cooler climate gardens, or where protected from hot afternoon sun. Smaller stature is perfect for containers or in clusters at the front of beds, in shade to dappled sun. Raspberry-pink flowers add valuable cool color accent. Herbaceous.

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Here is the Monrovia tag information that came with the plants.

I’ll share my thoughts on our other Embrace Your Space plant choices over the next several days.

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Red astilbe 1

Red astilbe 2

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