Tomatomania announced their 2016 dates and it promises to be just as amazing as previous years.

Our local event here in the San Fernando Valley will be March 18-20 at Tapia Bros Farm Stand in the Sepulvedaa Basin once again. I usually make a point of stopping by at least once during the weekend to check out the amazing variety of tomato plants available.





Welcome to Tomatomania!, not only a must-have link to hundreds of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, but a huge community of enthusiastic fellow tomato lovers and the world’s largest (and most fun) tomato seedling sale! It’s what the New York Times called, “the tomato freaks’ Woodstock,” and if you’re crazy about tomatoes, this is the event for you!

Started in the early 90s at Hortus, a trend-setting nursery in Pasadena, California, today Tomatomania! includes classes, sales events, tomato tastings, and impromptu social gatherings at popular nurseries and gardening hotspots from coast to coast.

Leading the team of tomatomaniacs is Scott Daigre, owner of Powerplant Garden Design based in Ojai, California. A dedicated home gardener, Scott shares his love of digging in the dirt through event appearances, speaking engagements, books, and videos that offer tools and tips for amateur and veteran gardeners alike.

Tomatomania! events are each unique, with the largest and longest running California sale welcoming thousands of tomato lovers to a three-day extravaganza showcasing more than 300 heirloom and hybrid tomato varieties. Featuring everything from pots and fertilizer to stakes and enthusiastic expert advice, our events are the one-stop shop for growing great-tasting tomatoes in your own backyard. It’s a crazy celebration of America’s favorite garden vegetable.


You can get Scott’s great book on growing Tomatos from your local bookseller or directly from


View an album of photos from Tomatomania 2011.