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November 2014

Flowering Now: Lantana

Lantana This exuberant red an orange lantana was flowering along my walk yesterday. They tend to flower almost constantly, but seem to have a flush of blooms are particular times of the year. We have yellow and purple lantana here in our own garden, but I think these red-orange varieties offer a wonderful, colorful, explosion. […]

Interesting Plant: Angelica stricta purpurea

Angelica stricta purpurea Discovered via Pinterest User Pasika Khernamnuoy My knees shook when I first discovered this rare & spectacular Angelica growing at the Mendocino Botanical Garden. Luckily, the kind folk who work there let us have some seed of this amazing treasure. Growing quickly to 4’ tall & 3’ across, its foliage is a beautiful, […]

Gardener’s Gift Guide: Anthony Eglin Garden Mysteries – The Alcatraz Rose

I have enjoyed all of the Anthony Eglin’s past garden mysteries featuring Lawrence Kingston including The Blue Rose, The Water Lily Cross, The Lost Gardens and more. They are a perfect combination of 2 of my biggest interests — gardening and mystery. Eglin just released his latest in the series, The Alcatraz Rose. No sooner […]

Photo: Watercolor Sempervivum via #waterlogue

Previously in my Instagram Photos…   Read more on this topic: Photo: Sempervivum via #instagram Art: Yellow Flowers Watercolor Photo: Cherry Blossoms in pseudo-watercolor Photo: Here comes the sun! via #instagram Photo: Yellow Hibiscus via Instagram

Photo: Sempervivum via #instagram

A photo from the garden this morning Previously in my Instagram Photos…   Read more on this topic: Photo: Strawberries #garden via Instagram Photo: Strawberry Flower #garden #plant via Instagram Photo: Daffodils 2014 – just noticed the first blooms of the season #daffodil #flower #garden via Instagram Photo: Here comes the sun! via #instagram Photo: […]

Noted: Great Design Plant: Low-Maintenance Allium Cernuum via Houzz

Great Design Plant: Low-Maintenance Allium Cernuum via Houzz When the weather cools in fall, it’s time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. Most of the familiar ones are from faraway places: tulips have their origins in the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor (Turkey), and daffodils originate from southwestern Europe. There are a number of bulbs that hail […]

Noted: Great Design Plant: Encelia Californica via Houzz

Great Design Plant: Encelia Californica via Houzz Landscape   California brittlebush (Encelia californica) is a must for low-water habitat gardens. This vigorous and dependable subshrub shows off its exuberant mass of large daisy-like flowers in spring and fall. Its long, bountiful bloom periods, combined with its food offerings of both pollen and nectar, make Encelia […]

Video: In the neighborhood…Liquidambar stryaciflua in Fall Colors

  Check out my collection of gardening essays, “From A Gardener’s Notebook” now available as a Kindle eBook. (You don’t need a Kindle to read it, though. Read it on your PC, Link: http://j.mp/fagnbook Watch all past episodes of “In the garden…” in this YouTube Playlist Music: “Cattails” by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) under Creative Commons License Please Like […]

Historical Book: The amateur gardener’s calendar by Mrs. Loudon, 1871

I was introduced to this book via a post on Google+ by Eugbug’s DIY Den and immediately searched to see if it was available online. A quick Google search turned up this edition, in an amazing number of formats including web-based, Kindle, EPUB, and Plain Text. A quick download and copy put it on my Kindle […]