Zaluzianskya villosa “Southern Lilac Drumsticks”

Another striking plant that could conceivably fit into my garden. the description say sit want high heat in the summer, which we certainly have around here, although it has been unseasonably cool the last few weeks. I am attracted to this flower by the purple color, which is one of my favorites and also the unique petal shape. 

Interesting Plant: Zaluzianskya villosa “Southern Lilac Drumsticks”

Photo: Annie’s Annuals
Discovered via Pinterest User Rachel Urick

Zaluzianskya is a genus of flowering plants now regarded as being a member of the Scrophulariaceae, the figwort family. The genus is endemic to Southern Africa and includes some described sixty species.[2]

 Superficially the shape of the flowers is strikingly phlox-like, hence the designation ‘Night Phlox’, for their evening fragrance. The fragrance after dark suggests that in nature the species in question are pollinated by moths, whereas day-pollinated species often have little or no obvious scent. Research is in progress on the ecological and evolutionary relationships between some members of the genus and specialist long-tongued pollinators, particularly night flying hawk moths (Family Sphingidae) and flies in the families NemestrinidaeTabanidae, and Bombyliidae.[5][6][7] Day-flying hawk moths, such as the genus Macroglossum (Hummingbird Hawk Moths) also seem to be significant pollinators of many species of Zaluzianskya—

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