I am always keeping a eye out for decent products for my own garden — even if they are just for my wish list. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting a series of products that might fit in my garden — or yours! — Douglas

Iron Garden Spheres

I could see these arranged around a patio, a water feature (as in the picture) or even as an accent in a wide patch of lawn.

Utilitarian? Certainly not. Cool looking? Yes, I think so. (SMILE)

I would imagine the iron will gain a patina of rust over the years, increasing their character with each passing season. I wonder if you couldn’t arrange a moss ball inside on the spheres and have some trailing plant growing from inside the structure. Ideas, ideas, ideas. (LAUGH)

Summer in the Garden: Iron Garden Spheres

Large 20″, Medium 16″ and small 12″
collapse down for easy storage.

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