On Thia Day On A Gardener's Notebook...

2019 - Guns to shovels: Oakland activists melt deadly weapons into garden tools via City Farmer News
2017 - Noted: The Netherlands to Produce Two Billion Tulips in 2017
2017 - Red and Yellow Bells (Abutilon)
2016 - In The Garden: Garlic rising and pomegranate flowering [Photos]
2016 - Daffodils in the sun #daffodils #narcissus #flowers #yellowflower #nature #garden #outdoors @descansogardens
2015 - Information tags from my Monrovia Plants I hope to install this weekend, once I get over this cold
2013 - Video: In the garden…March 14, 2013 – Sweet Potatoes rising, an unknown squash and more
2013 - Garden Vocabulary: Parasite/Parasitism
2011 - AGN Gardening Events Calendar

Photo: Bewitched Rose 2011 via #instagram

Bewitched rose 2011

Previously in my Instagram Photos…

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