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2016 - Into the woods @descansogardens #tree #oak #nature #garden #gardenersnotebook #outdoors #plants
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Link Focus: Garden | Garden Bridge Over The Thames Moves Forward from Londonist

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Garden | Garden Bridge Over The Thames Moves Forward from Londonist

London, as busy a city as it is, already has some wonderful gardens and parks throughout the city. I was so pleased when I was able to walk from Westminster back to Kensington almost continuously in parks and under shady trees. That said, every city can always use more nature and this concept to create a nature-covered pedestrian bridge over the Thames sounds wonderful. The views of the river are amazing nearly anywhere along its length, but bringing scenes from the more natural parts of the river upstream down to the city would benefit both residents and tourists. I have walked across the Millennium Bridge and found its design beautiful and striking but it is a bit stark and exposed. Maybe it could benefit from some greenery, too.

London garden bridge

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