On Thia Day On A Gardener's Notebook...

2019 - Historical Garden Books: The garden book of California by Angier, Belle Sumner (1906) – 30 in a Series
2019 - Garden Decor: Urns along the wall via Instagram
2018 - Cactus House, Conservatory, Dunedin Botanic Garden, Dunedin, New Zealand via Instagram
2017 - First Daffodil 2017
Also from 2014 - Garden Decor: Garden gate made from re-purposed tools
2013 - Garden Vocabulary: Cotyledon (Seed Leaf)
2012 - News: UCLA’s plans to sell Japenese garden stirs un-Zen-like uproar
2012 - Photos: Today in the neighborhood

Photo: Daffodils 2014 – just noticed the first blooms of the season #daffodil #flower #garden via Instagram


Photo posted via Instagram

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