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We were out in the Palm Springs area visiting family as we usually do over the Thanksgiving holiday. The first time we visited Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California, I concentrated on the overall picture of the gardens, with its geometric plantings of succulents. On this trip, I got up close and personal with the plants, exploring the small and subtle shapes and colors of the plants.

Watch the photo montage from my first visit here, In the garden…Sunnylands Center & Gardens in Rancho Mirage, California 

The grounds now feature this new visitor center and beautiful gardens which act as the gateway to the tour of their home, a showpiece of modern architecture and host to American Presidents, foreign dignitaries and celebrities. The Center and Gardens are free to visit, while the tour of the home is $35 and available by appointment only.

Sunnylands Web Site

To see the high-resolution photos from this video, visit this Flickr Set

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