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December 2013

Interesting Plant: Saintpaulia ‘Rebel’s Splatter Kake’

Interesting Plant: Saintpaulia ‘Rebel’s Splatter Kake’ I never knew the Latin name for African Violets, even though my grandmother grew them religiously when I was growing up in Ohio. She had a 3-tier indoor planter covered with them. This particular Saintpaulia caught my eye in my travels though Pinterest and gave me and easy excuse and another […]

Photo: Sweet potato harvest and Snowflakes rising

Yesterday we harvested the bowl full of sweet potatoes you see here. While I was outside taking these photos I noticed that our Snowflakes (Leucojum) were rising out of the beds, too. You can scroll down to see the video of our harvest or click over to the blog post, “Video: In the garden…December 28, […]

Video: In the garden…December 28, 2013: Planting onion sets and harvesting some sweet potatoes

Onion sets go into the ground while sweet potatoes come out.   Check out what was happening in the garden a year ago: “In the garden… – Planting Onion Sets – December 30, 2012“ Check out my collection of gardening essays, “From A Gardener’s Notebook” now available as a Kindle eBook. (You don’t need a Kindle […]

Garden Alphabet: Echinacea

Garden Alphabet: Echinacea I haven’t had much success growing Echinacea here in my garden, but I plan to keep trying. I love the large flowers and their lovely purple color.   Echinacea “Echinacea /ˌɛkɨˈneɪʃ(i)ə/[1] is a genus, or group of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family, Asteraceae. The nine species it contains are commonly calledconeflowers. They are endemic to eastern and central North America, where […]

Garden Vocabulary: Annual

In most gardens, annual plants are used to dress up flower beds and containers during the height of the growing season. Those gardeners in temperate zones tend to rely on annuals as they are designed to grow, flower and die within on growing season and therefore don’t require any special care or protection in order […]

Interesting Plant: Passiflora (Passion flower)

Interesting Plant: Passiflora (Passion flower) Every time I pass a passiflora vine in the neighborhood I stop and stare. I am quite taken with the lovely, and to me, quite alien looking flowers. Their striking shapes and colors are unlike anything I see on a regular basis. I have grown 2 small vines here from seeds […]

Elsewhere: Cooper’s Hawk in the birdbath – my video and photos from Animalbytes.net

Update: January 3, 2014: I captured some new Cooper’s Hawk footage yesterday. You can see it in this video, Interesting interaction between Cooper’s Hawk and Fox Squirrel (Accipter cooperii and Sciurus niger) A month or so ago, our friend, Keri over at Animalbytes.net, shared some great pictures of a Cooper’s Hawk having a fine bath in […]

Video: In the garden…December 21, 2013: Harvesting carrots and lettuce from the containers

Time to pull the carrots from their pot along with some of the self-seeded lettuce. They made for a tasty dinner this evening. Even threw in a few nasturtium leaves and flowers for good measure. Check out what was happening in the garden a year ago: “What Douglas Dug…Show 008 – Garden markers, blue pumpkins, […]

Garden Alphabet: Camellia

Garden Alphabet: Camellia They only camellia bloomed for only the second time in 17 years, so I made sure to grab some photos. Most modern camellia are big, blousy things, with multiple-petals and huge flowers, while this one is simple and, I think, striking in its simplicity. Camellia “Camellia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. They are found in eastern […]

Gift Guide 2013: Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too: The Modern Step-By-Step Guide to Preserving Food

Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too: The Modern Step-By-Step Guide to Preserving Food I heard about this book from the writer, who is a regular attendee of the weekly #gardenchat Twitter chat. His handle is @cityslipper. The book is chock-full of great ideas on how to preserve the bounty of your garden […]