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July 2013

Subscribed 41: My Garden: The RHS’s Online Community for Gardeners

Subscribed 41: My Garden: The RHS’s Online Community for Gardeners Another great collection of gardening information in this week’s Subscribed. I regularly end up sharing and saving links to the blog posts found here. These posts come from a variety of people on a variety of topics, so there is almost always something interesting to […]

Garden History: Leading you down the garden path

The first thing I thought when looking at this picture was the old phrase, “Lead you down the garden path.” Whether for good or ill, this garden path is sure to distract anyone from their cares or worries for more than a moment. The lovely combination of blue, white and pink (probably hand colored) provides […]

Hibiscus and Garden Harvest “Everlapse” photo shows – Add your Hibiscus photos and share

Started playing around with a new iPhone app, Everlapse, that allows you to assemble photos into an animated slide show and then invite others to add their own photos. You could do this based around a theme, as I have with my first 2 Everlapses, or you could set up an Everlapse for an event […]

Garden Alphabet: Hibiscus (Malvaceae)

Garden Alphabet: Hibiscus (Malvaceae) I have some lovely yellow hibiscus here in the garden, but this example from a neighbor’s garden caught my eye. The dark red in the center, fading to pink along the outside edges seemed just right somehow.  Hibiscus are a popular plant in most gardens here in Southern California, although they are […]

Video: In the garden…July 25, 2013: Onion Harvest

We harvest our onions in this video. I meant to include this in the previous video, but it was getting a bit long, so I broke it up into two separate “In the garden…” episodes. Watch all past episodes of “In the garden…” in this YouTube Playlist Please Like this video and/or subscribe to my […]

Video: Container Garden Update — 1 Year On!

Looking back at my YouTube Channel I see that I posted my first Container Garden Update this week in July. Here we are 1 year on (34 episodes) and, just like last year, I am contemplating what I might be able to grow in my container in the coming Fall season. Below you can see […]

Join the “A Gardener’s Notebook” Shared Pinterest Board

Are you an avid user of Pinterest? Would you like to share your favorite pins with A Gardener’s Notebook readers and viewers? Why not join my on our new Shared Pinterest Board, A Gardener’s Notebook. Loading… Read more on this topic: Top Gardeners Notebook posts for 2011 Join the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List! #gardenchat: What’s […]

Interesting Plant: Lovely silver-tinged fern on campus of Oberlin College, Ohio

Update: Francesca H. reports that she believes these plants are Anthyrium niponicum “Ghost” or “Pictum” (Dryopteridaceae). Thanks Francesca! It will be great to have more information when searching for these. I took the opportunity of a college visit with my son to take a lot of photos of the campus and any interesting sites I saw […]

Elsewhere: Neat Little Project: Create a Simple Entry Bench from Houzz.com

I think I will make up a couple of these for the back garden. We could always use more seating and this easy project seems well within my skill level. Wood is easily sourced from the local home store, although I might need to get it in shorter lengths to fit into the care. There […]

Photo: Hostas along the fence, Schoepfle Garden, Birmingham, Ohio

Another photo from the beautiful Schoepfle Gardens near my hometown in Ohio. Hostas were going crazy everywhere during our visit, with lots of rain and very few slugs and snails, it seems. This nice plot lined the trail heading down to the riverside. Of course, after living in Southern California for 27 years, I am always […]